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Can We make a profitable call on the spot?


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Villains is a very active player with some agrr to it ,Being a 36/21/10 VPip/PFR/3Bet

We open 2,1x and he reshoves for 16bbs , fold to us, we dont have history with him not enough info.

i opted to wait for a better spot since i didnt have to much invested in the pot and his 3bet was still quite big, so racing against AK AA KK wasnt really what i wanted

But i would like some inputs here to see if this is a profitable call in the long run .

we had 26K behind and villain 8.7K blinds 250/500 antte 30

Dealt to ForGot2Many [Kd Qc]

ForGot2Many: raises 550 to 1050

Blougher24: folds

kirill-0902b: raises 7679 to 8729 and is all-in


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I call this , we have blockers to a lot of his upper range - AQ,AK,QQ,KK and we be flipping against everything else unless he has AA :) and dominating sometimes too, if you call and lose you still have 30 odd bbs, also his aggro stats kind of dictate a call for me here too.

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