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ACR Freeroll Challenge is def a Challenge

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So I am gradually getting involved in the US online poker world again. Instead of depositing and dropping $$ into the quasi shady bucket however I have decided to take the hard, long, grueling trek from $0.

Dec 18th was the beginning of the journey.

In the 1st week I cashed in 2 freeroll tournies to get myself a nice starting BR of $2.45. From there the next 10k hands brought me to a whopping $15!!

Dec 27th hit and the next 2k hands brought me right back to $0..... oh ACR you dog you how do you do it.

Jan 14 got us going again. Cashed int he OTR Evening Grinders for $.16 and cashed another Freeroll for $.95. 2 BI at the .01/.02 short tables. Let's Go!!

Well 5k hands later BR at $10.45...

Jan 23 the downturn begins again? Between Monday to today cash tables have been brutal knocking me down to my last $2.55 sigh.

After some wonderfully "wise and optimal BR" strategy from 86suited I decided to buy into a $.55, $25gtd mtt. Final table, 5th place add $3.35 to BR.

Rinse and repeat, get 3rd place and add $8.00 to BR.

Jan 25 take another small beating at .01/.02 cash tables. BR down to $11.17.... (more to come)

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Thanks Justin. I anticipate it's going to be a long road... but a challenge wouldn't be much of a challenge without a mile high wall lol.

Alright so new update:

Jan 30: Bank Roll hit $17.80 this AM... a new high!!! Since 12/18 we have played 7,431 hands in tournaments and 11,890 hands in .01/.02 cash games.

Taking a stab at the $.50 Manic Monday $1000gtd today, that would be a huge boost... but the way these low buy-ins play definitely a long shot the combo of bots, crazy people, and shady players makes you feel like you are walking on ice. Alright I am putting on my skates now.

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Man this thing is brutal!!!

Bankroll back down to $.50.... Some key points:

12,360 hands at NL2 -> + $10.58, my rake contribution was $10.29 so rakeback roughly + $2.78 so total = $13.35, 4.3bb/100

1,659 hands at PLOH/L2 -> - $2.35, my rake contribution was $3.97 so rakeback roughly + $1.07 so total = -$1.28, -7.08bb/100

2,329 hands at PLO2 & 5 -> - $18.02, my rake contribution was $5.64 so rakeback roughly + $1.52 so total = -$16.49, -19.25bb/100


Stick to NL2 and grind up to $50. PLO at the 2 level is literally playing a game of bingo, there are no folders so it is going to be extremely difficult to make any $ from redline also looking at the variance swing, this is something our peak bankroll during this challenge would not be able to withstand. There are $13(13 short stack bi) swings in the NL2 graph so, PLO is just off the charts. I can possibly see justification in playing h/l because of rakeback consideration but that still seems like a waste of time if more time should be spent at NL2.

Next chapter:

Hit the freeroll tournies again.. grind the NL2 (hey what do you know bankroll just doubled we are now back at $.9 woo hoo!. I am still extremely skeptical of the site as I have seen some oddness in play like people calling 40bb allin pre in cash games with weird hands that magically hit by river and just consistent bad beat setups but I am a sucker for punishment I guess. The no deposit journey continues.

At what point should we start $1.50 sitngoes? $30?

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1st off- wanna tell ya that you got nothing to worry about as far as the sites well-being such as being safe and cashing out. They actually payout real quick. Im friends with one of the milly winners too who got near a 6 fig balance off hassle free too.

Anyway since you are really grinding it out you should look into twitch streams. there are about 5 people on there who do ACR giveaways quiet a bit and for dirt poor people or bankroll builder guys like you , then you should try to take advantage. I even won a 10 buck giveaway just watching a friend of mine play.

You should stay away from plo hi lo, you wont get a ton of rakeback and you will just chop a ton till you get a nut nut hand.

You should play fullring 5nl maybe try the 69cent jp sngs

you should just deposit 20 bucks lol but if you like the challenge keep doing what ur doing GL

Maybe try the 50cent rebuy they have too. If you play real late at night try to take advantage of some of the overlays

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Hey Lpoop,

Thank you for chiming in. I do know that ACR cash's out.... When I was playing with $$ I cashed out a few times. I had multiple reasons to stop playing on there so I did. I do think that ACR itself is doing some shady things hence not really wanting to deposit. In theory if the site is legit, and I am a "Winning" player I should be able to climb through the ranks right? So, I think this is more of an exercise to see if this is do able in the constructs of a "Crooked Room". I do think the data I have collected since the start of this mission maybe warrants a $20 deposit to continue hammering out the NL2, but I am not sure.... The freeroll tournament thing is super grueling and it's really not poker it's like playing a lottery scratch ticked that requires you to scratch 650 circles before finding out if you will cash something. So just dropping 20 to focus on the NL2 might be the way to go.

I think dropping 20 to play NL5 is just bankroll suicide, unless you are suggesting the play is worse and the rake has far less impact so it would balance out? What is the thought behind suggesting 69c jp sngs? Isn't that completely negative ev. Hyper turbos where you on average can only win a double up against 2 other opponents? Are these strategies just to get a standard bankroll?

I don't have much time to watch twitch streams so probably out of the question unless you just have to turn it on... with the possiblity of winning $10. If that is the case I am sure I can have a computer just watching a stream without my presence.

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First let me say that I've been there. I know what you're doing and why you're doing it. But, seriously, just live a little. Make a deposit and start having some fun. You obviously have skills, but you are driving yourself nutso over pennies. You should be grinding sitngos til your eyes bleed. Then you'll have a little something to show for it.

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The trickle up effect..

2/13/2017 bank roll up to $2.91.

On Thursday we outright binked our first Freeroll on ACR, YEAH $2.50!!! (can't completely let me fizzle away eh?), Took a 3rd level min cash in a $25GTD, $.55 On Demand tourney, and Friday was on fire on cash game table. Had AA 3x in less than 300 hands... hmm. Went into the weekend with bankroll of $5.49.

Started off today with a bang (not for me anyway). Good job keeping things balanced ACR, you know how to do it. Sit in cash game and within 300 hands lose both big 40+ pot hands vs. vastly inferior holdings in circumstances where the hands were played perfectly until river?

KK in cutoff vs. 1 limper we open 4x, bb calls, limper folds

flop comes KJ4 rainbow, we bet half pot villain calls

turn comes 10 bringing possible spade draw, we bet half pot villain calls (we both have 2/3 pot bet behind with villain having me covered by .04)

river comes Qh villain opens for remaining $.52 {This was probably a clear fold, as villain would only do this with a straight?, Either way he called me down with j9 and hit his gutter on river.. well done fish man. This same villain also bested me in 2 other coin flips KJ vs. 1010, and AK vs. 66... So he was running very good against me)

Next big 40+bb hand

QQ vs. 3x open in mid position, we 3bet to 3x+1 the original raise villain calls (roughly equal stacks to start hand).

flop is 477 2 diamonds, villain checks to us we cbet half pot, he checkraises us nearly all in, we go all in, he calls.

Villain shows 66 turn and river brings villain flush.

Story of how our wonderful end of the week get's reminded who is in charge. Lol either way we are at $2.91

Anyone else notice a downswing after rakeback placed into account? Seems crazy, but I basically just expect it now everyweek.

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Well, i had that itch and after the recent bankroll challenge success in Global Poker I thought I would take a peak at my ACR bankroll.... Yup just where I left it at $7.48. So decided to knock out a few hands and wouldn't you know it freeroll challenge complete :).... Only played 05PLO or short stacked 10PLO... I noticed there is a lot more traffic on ACR too. A lot of names from various countries. Is this Pokerstars residual?


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