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Big & questionable AK fold


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Hey guys what do you think of this give-up?

On reflection it seems too tight to me, the guy is almost certainly a reg, although not sure I knew at the time.

In-game I was thinking that I'd have to fold on nearly all river cards except an ace or king, and when I do hit those cards I don't get value. That being said I do think he's gonna have a lot of draws here and I'm probably giving him a very profitable spot to bet any two.

I suppose I could shove and make him fold worse than a 10, I think he rarely has a set here since he would probably jam TT or 77 pre and 55 or 44 would be a loose peel. Problem with this line is that I rep almost nothing and he should probably hero me with any pair.

Anyway I'm interested to know what you guys think.



Poker Stars $50+$5 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t900/t1800 Blinds + t225 - 8 players - View hand 3037734

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

UTG+1: t13425 M = 2.98

MP1: t19087 M = 4.24

MP2: t133262 M = 29.61

CO: t55823 M = 12.41

Hero (BTN): t59834 M = 13.30

SB: t61080 M = 13.57

BB: t35460 M = 7.88

UTG: t31832 M = 7.07

Pre Flop: (t4500) Hero is BTN with Kclub.gif Aspade.gif

4 folds, CO raises to t3600, Hero raises to t10800, 2 folds, CO calls t7200

Flop: (t26100) 5heart.gif Theart.gif 7spade.gif(2 players)

CO checks, Hero checks

Turn: (t26100) 4spade.gif(2 players)

CO bets t8613, Hero folds

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Smaller 3b size pre, it will give your bet sizings more room postflop. I'd like to see you bet the flop here, if you're not, then I think we must atleast peel a river for the 8k. 3bet pre check back flop, could our hand be more face up to competent players? Unless your adding some tricky sets or QQ,KK here to balance flop check backs this is not the time to be checking back AK either. Bet the flop and re evaluate the turn, maybe it's time you merge that Ace hi into a big pair, maybe it's not.

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Being IP I would have 3bet smaller to 9k and generally I would have made a small c-bet.

His small turn bet looks to me like he has a marginal hand/draw/or is taking a stab and is testing the water. I´m not saying he would fold to your cbet but he might then check the turn and give you a free river card where your A high may have won.

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