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Playing Long sessions completely sober.


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This is not a joke thread. I've been playing poker professionally for 12 years now and recently have wanted to cut out some of my "demons" like drinking. I've literally drank my self through nearly all my sessions for over a decade. Not usually getting totally fucked up, but long sessions can be grueling, tedious, and boring at times. Drinking kind of made it fun and more tolerable. Plus I wasn't as nervous when I played a big pot or got deep in a big mtt. It literally helped my play I don't care what anybody says. I've played some completely sober sessions recently and let me tell you, its been brutal. I feel like I can't put in a full session anymore and I get super frustrated way to easily. My DR prescribed me some beta blockers which is supposed to keep you calm but it doesn't really do the trick. So i'm asking the community 1. am I the only person and 2. what do you do to combat this issue.

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Cutting down on booze at your age (I looked at your profile!) can only be a good thing. You are still young enough that it won´t effect you now but forward 10 years and you´ll find it much harder to give it up and the calories will be harder to lose.

Just try playing shorter session without it and build up stamina. Practice breathing exercises when you feel the stress coming on.

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Im in the same boat except its not alcohol its weed. I had to recently stop smoking so I can get a welding job. But like you iv literally been stoned threw every session iv played 10+years even at the casino id go toke up in my truck every few hours. Also like you it calms my nerves in big hands and makes the game more enjoyable during long sessions. Its hard to find something to replace that I think only time will help it out. There are a few safer alternatives than alcohol tho one being Kratom. Its a legal natural herb that works well for people with anxiety. it comes in fine powder or in pill capsules if you check it out i recommend the pills because the powder will make you throw up its like a really fine dirt/sand and taste horrible. My second recommendation is CBD oil. Its a Legal hemp oil that also works well for anxiety and also pain. You can smoke the oil or eat it and comes in hundreds of different flavors. I hope this helps you out and GL at the tables.

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