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Vegas Baby!

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Not been on here for a while, not been too good, been in hospital, suffered a brain heamorrhage on 7th march, lucky i'm still here. After suffering no major setbacks, i'm out and doing good, although since this little setback my Poker seems to have gone from strength to strength. out of 6 MTT'S I've entered I've won three, final tabled two and cashed in the other.

The best bit, i entered a freeroll top 300 got paid, top six won decent cash with seats to vegas sat's, i missed out on the sat semi for a 13k package, but did win a 4k semi package seat.

Won the semi, then won the Final.

This is it on my way to VEGAS BABY , entered in the little one drop, staying at the Plazzo, all expenses paid courtesy of SKY POKER

Booked my flights today 10th July to 17th July, if your there look me up and say hi!!


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Thanks for the nice comments, can't wait for Vegas, will probably bust out first hand lol.

Just to continue a little if i may, had a downswing after winning the vegas package couldn't do anything right, But its all gone Won Two Tournys this week and 2nd in Two more, must have won close to 1500 this week alone, oh and its real £ not that thing you americans call, .........Dollars. lol. It may not seem a lot to some of you, but for a novice I'm living the dream.

Gotta go back in to Hospital on the 17th for another Angiogram, so hopefully will get the all clear.


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