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Importance of Bankroll


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Hey guys,

I wanted to run a couple of things by you guys to get an idea of the importance of bankroll management. Firstly, is everybody on this site a professional? I.e, is poker is there sole form of income? Which leads me to my second question, how important is BRM to "non-professional"players? I have a "real" job, but I try and play as often as I can, live and online. However I have never had a bankroll as such, I've just deposited money into Pokerstars when I've felt like playing, or if I've won use the winnings until they've gone and deposited again. When I have deposited its usually around $25/$30, playing $3/$5/$11 MTT's.

Does anybody think this is affecting how well I play the game? Would I perform better with a 100bb bankroll behind me? I won $6,500 a couple of years ago in a Big$55 and cashed out the lot, mostly to pay off credit cards and bills,(I know!!!Didnt spend a penny of it on drink or hookers, what a waste!!).I think now I should have at least left $1k in there as a bankroll.

I haven't played online in a while because I had the feeling just trickling money into Stars wasn't helping my game, and I've wanted to save and get a roll behind me and then I'd be more concentrated and play my A game more often.

Anyway, your professional thoughts on this would really be appreciated. Would a legitimate roll help my game, or am I talking complete bollocks?

Thanks guys

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Yeah 100buyins behind is about the norm, but a lot depends what youre trying to get from the game. If you have another income and youre happy just shot taking here then why not just deposit a little at a time when you feel like and try to boom it up. If you're trying to take your game and the numbers more serious to derive an income then yes you should have some type of roll.

I don't know your finances but if you deposited 500 I would recommend sticking to the 5$ games and under, maybe an occasional 10$, but you need to show you can beat 5s first. If you start off rough and drop to a 250-300$ roll then you have to drop in stakes also. Pressing the issue and playing the same or even higher stakes defeats the purpose of playing within that 500$ BR. If you drop stakes and go bust after properly using your BR then it's time to look st your mechanics.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. DefiningGTO, good question. And it's one I've had to ask myself, what am I trying to get from the game? And I think that's where my problem lies. I've been torn between trying to go for the big win and legitimately using poker as a second income. Consequently my results have neither been here or there. And I think that's why I posted the original thread, because I knew deep down that if I am to make money from poker, large or small, I need to treat the game, and myself as a player more seriously.

Anyway, once again, thank you very much for the words.

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If you don't depend on poker money for income, which seems to be your case, bankroll management is really just creating imaginary numbers for yourself. It sounds like your imaginary number is just real small, and certainly not good bankroll management i.e. deposit 30$ to play 5-10$ mtts. If you're thinking of this 30$ as your "bankroll" then yes I could see how it could be hard to play your A game. But in reality, your bankroll is much larger. You're just choosing to only play 30$ of it at a time, which could actually be smart bankroll management. Maybe you deposited 1000, then you'd be tempted to play more games/higher etc. Maybe not, but just something to consider.

I think the main point is to not think of that $30 deposit as your "bankroll", and definitely don't think of bankroll as you are playing a mtt, as yes that will almost certainly hurt your ability to play your A game.

Personally, I like to use 3-5% of my roll every time i sit down to play mtts, then 5-15% for sngs and cash. So if you had a $1000 roll, you would put 30-50$ in play for that day of mtts. If you brick everything (-$50), the next time you play $28.50-47.50 in mtts, which is 3-5% of $950. The next day you bink an $11 mtt for $975. So your roll is $1925 and you can now play $57.75- 96.25 in mtts. You get the idea.

What I really like about this approach is that off a $1000 br, you can in theory play bigger than you could if you think of a 100 buyin rule. Where if you're using the 100 buyin rule with a $1000 roll it could take a ton of grinding before you could get up to the $3300 needed to play a $33 buyin. In this system you can play that $33 buy in, you just have to maybe play that and a couple 2-5$ buyins that day, but you're still within your "bankroll management".

The other problem I had with the 100 buyin rule, was people talk a lot about 100 buyins but not about how many game's you play before you stop, that's up to you. You could easily play 15+ games multi tabling on a sunday, run bad and now your br is %15 smaller, which i feel is simply too much to risk at one time playing a high variance game like large field mtts.

Anyways, hope that helps! GLGL

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Hi Heyoske,

Thanks for the feedback, great stuff. There is one or two things I left out of original post(mostly cause I was starting to waffle on!), which you have hit on perfectly, I do tend to tilt really bad in tourneys and when I've been knocked out which I know effects my game, especially the other tables I'm still involved in. This is because I am seeing that $30 as my whole bankroll, so when it's gone I'm like, shall I deposit again? How much shall I put in this time? When do I stop?, stuff like that, and the whole psychological thing starts to get a bit messy!

At the end of the day, I have got the money to play in the Sunday Million this weekend, but of course that's coming out of my "life bankroll", which is totally different, and when I got knocked out I'd be hating myself for weeks for wasting $215!! So that's why I started the original thread, cause I thought if I had a "genuine" poker bankroll I would stick to the 100bb rule,start treating poker like a second job and hopefully results would improve. What do you think?

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