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RIP Chris Cornell. :(

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Well NBC news is saying police investigating as possible suicide. Damn hate to hear that.

Well I assume when someone is 52 and dies alone in a hotel room they have to investigate it as a possible suicide.

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Someone that put all that energy into a performance then offs himself doesn't make sense. If you said Richard Simmons killed himself id be like ok haven't seen him in ages must've hit a tough spot.

This illustrates how poorly most people understand depression. They expect people to behave rationally who are suffering from severe changes in their brain chemistry. It doesn't matter how successful you are or how much people love you - you can't function well if your brain isn't working properly.

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Guest SyphonSoul

Soundgarden was in indy last week. Started to go but they never really did it for me. Good band, just not quite my tempo. Going to chili peppers tonight. I'm sure they'll say a nice thing about him

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After reading this thread I feel like the only person int he world who has no idea who Chris Cornell is.

But still a big RIP. Depression is awful. So sad anytime somebody kills themself

If your not into music at all then you won't know who he is .

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Guest Camz

Yea that's it. Didn't feel like attempting to post from phone.

Also just watched his cover of prince/soneado conners song. Ducking amazing

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