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WSOPc Cherokee + Global Casino Championship (GCC) package!

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Hello All!

My name is Andrew Lauer and i am a pro poker player out of Connecticut. i first learned NLH when i was 16 and if you want to see any of my past achievements you can visit the links below or ask me any questions you have...

How This All Became:

It all had started when WSOPc had its stop at foxwoods and I decided to get off my computer and hit the live felt. Event 1 was a 365$ 2 day event and before i knew it i was coming back for day 2 and the final table. i came into the final table 9/9 but being an online player short stack is nothing new to me, i played patient, got hands that held, and eventually came out victorious with my first ring along with my first live poker win. The feeling was amazing and i was blessed to experience a similar feeling (nothing compares to the first) less then 36 hours later when i won the 365$ turbo event and was rewarded the first 2 rings of the foxwoods poker series. Just like that 2 events in and i have 100 points and multiple players are telling me im a lock for the casino champion and a seat to the Global Casino Championship... well they were wrong. Andrew Heckman ANDDD Chris Leong both had accumulated more points over the 12 events and i felt like i had just gotten hit by a backdoor flush after flopping the nut straight. I now had decided that i was going to travel the circuit and do a little point chasing because i was not going to let this seat get taken from me twice.

The next stop on my list was the West Palm Beach kennel club. I was 3 events in and had no cashes, but then on event 4 a 365$ 2 day event and i managed to get heads up but couldn't take home the hardware . about 8 hours later i found myself at yet another final table situation this time it was the event 6, a 365$ 6max event but that was short lived as i ran KK into the eventual champions AA (mike larroca) and i was out in 5th. i now had something like 165 points and was looking good for a lock on the GCC seat.

I wasn't going to play any more circuit stops however i was once told "better safe then sorry" And i couldn't pass on harrahs AC . This stop did not go as well as the other 2 however it certainly wasn't a bad series. i managed to cash 3/8 events and got another final table (finished 9th) in event#1 a 365$ 2 day event. I had now accumulated 187.5 points over the 3 circuit stops and was officially a lock for the GCC.

The 187.5 points managed to land me 13th on the WSOP yearly circuit leader board, which brings me here selling action for the wsopC stop at harrahs cherokee AND the Global Casino Championship. The series begins on august 2nd and runs until the 13th how ever i will be there the 3rd though the 10th.

I will be updating my progress to investors via twitter.

without further ado...



The Fine Print and Details:

- As you see some events will overlap each other AND i am selling multiple bullets for each event. In the case where i do not need mulitple bullets or can not play an event (for any reason), Investors will be fully reimbursed for any bullets i do not use, or tournaments i do not play. (yes that includes your mark up as well)

-All investors must pay prior to the start of the package (No Exceptions!!)

- If you are looking to invest it is on a first come first serve basis. I do not pick favorites when it comes to making investors money.

Payment Options:

- preferred payment method would be a bank transfer/Bank of america or venmo.

-BTC LTC and ETH are all POSSIBLE options however they are not guaranteed payment options. (due to the current fluctuation in price)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and consider this investment. If you have any more questoins please ask, And i hope to be hearing from you soon!

Some Links:

hendon mob:


pocket fives:


WSOPc leaderboard-




ring 1:


ring 2:


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sorry to everyone for having to post twice. not sure why i wasnt able to delete my last thread how ever this will be the main thread for my package.

5% of the GCC has been scooped by a private investor.

15% remaining on the GCC only

30% remaining on the package

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****** EDIT FOR ALL INVESTORS*********

- after i do cash for over 5,000$ + the original buyin i will need your tax information otherwise 30% will be withheld until i am provided with tax information.

example: the buyin is 365$ .. anything over 5,365$ must be claimed for taxes.

- also wanted to add a few references in case you wanted to ask about me or my game.

- Nick Palma

- robert elias (spanky)

- Luke Doolittle (worm1120)

- Molly Anne Mossey

- Ted Driscoll

- chris leong

- chris renaudette

- brett Murray (jigmog)

i also decided today that i will be taking a small piece out of the GCC and i will be donating it to one of the many charities. i have yet to decide which one. if your an investor i am 100% open for suggestions.

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new update:

5% of GCC bought by close friends

i will also no longer be selling 30% of my package. only 15% how ever i will be selling the 15% of the GCC if anyone wants it..

new numbers

15% available for package

20% for GCC only

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1% GCC only- ryan (cashtorg) torgersen

1% GCC only- Brett Hewlett

2% GCC only- Rob (spanky) elias

package sold out- however im considering selling 5% more if there are any new investors interested. LMK!

GCC- 3% or 4% remain. (pending on how much i donate to charity)

also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has invested, read my package, retweeted my package, or supported me in any way! LETS MAKE THIS A TRIP/INVESTMENT TO REMEMBER.

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