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Black Chip Poker took my winnings and ran! Beware

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Here's the story:

I was playing a small private game on Black Chip Poker $2.20 buy in with rebuys.

I started the day with $5.28 in my account. I busted once and bought back in.

I won the tournament. The prize was $10. When I looked in my account, I had $6.28.

I contacted support. They circle jerked me for an hour and basically said hand count when you made a deposit. Subtract all your tournament entries and fees. See if you have any $$ left.

My question to them was...Can you buy into a $25 tournament with only $20 left in your account??

If you have $0 in your account but you are still playing a tournament and you win it, for $10, shouldn't you have $10 in your account??

I only played 1 tournament yesterday and have not played anything since.

Read the chat...its comical!


Here is my account after, my only transaction for the day, and a screenshot of the win.




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Funny that is your answer to this whole problem. Did you not read the chat or see my screen captures?

The site gets exposed. The money returns to account. Should be end of story.... How many other players do you do this to that go unexposed?

Corrupt system. Corrupt program. Chat representatives that wouldn't know their head from their asses... Not a one I have ever talked to on your site can give any logical explanation to questions. Total corruption.

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sounds like you got your money, check the transactions log. This will solve all the math. Maybe the private game doesnt load into the account immediately..... IDK. I know that they dont care about this money and would rather have you play and pay the rake.

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