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Can you PLay nj online poker for a living or are the games no longer profitable since

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Most of the player pool is as soft as ever, imo. With the addition of PokerStars, it is arguable that the player field is even softer, given the addition of new players (most of the sharks were already playing prior to Stars arrival).

Stars has also bought a greater variety of MTTs, including progressive KOs, as well as prize pools that provide additional earning opportunity.

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Yes but he probably doesn't do it for a living... you need constant capital to play poker or gamble

It certainly looks like he plays for a living given his profile and scores. What do you mean you need constant capital to play poker?

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You need some source of income other than winnings to sustain a poker career

I mean, that is 100% untrue. Many many people have sustained long careers without any other income...

Granted a lot haven't, but its not like its impossible.

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They have outside income other than poker winnings

I get that you think that, but it isn't true. I personally know many people who have been professional players for over a decade with no other sources of income. I did it myself for 5 years before black friday.

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in the 2014 boom nj poker was very lurrative is it still as lucrative in 2017? im trying to play for a living but dont know what to play. TJMULLEN BACK WOOOOO

I haven't logged in or posted on P5's in years, but the WSOP coverage hooked me like the old days.

But I login and TJMullen, the best troll ever, has returned for his first post in like 3 years with this contribution. This thread makes my day! It feels like pre-black friday!

Not sure I'd take him too seriously, I mean this is the guy that started these classics (amongst others):


Can someone help me with my game I am so confused I lost 11 str8 buy Ins without winning even 1 back. I am very concerned I went from 275 to 0 in 25 nl and I still think I am a winning player. I want to play more but I don't know if this is normal, and don't want to lose any more buy ins playing 25 nl. I've had success playing 200 and 500 nl live,and succes playing mtts online... so I do not understand how I could get so crushed in 25 nl. I just want to talk about the play of 25 nl and if its different than other cash games.


Many people gamble to try and make money quick and easy while having a good time dressed in whatever they want. Having a drink, Hennessy bankrupting our friends and enemies pissing off the casino taking their rack on crack and rockstar tipping every one getting an extremely AWESOME ((everyone has there own preference of what they win)) hourly rate. Play the right game use a winning strategy anyone can make thousands in a night.

fack it u even even get paid on crack and smack now thats a good time!

if you play black jack u can win big but u gotta risk it all

poker u can take it step by step have good days and bad days due to how good you play variance is crap, it is bad play u don't get good hands gotta change ur style or bounce the game.

or ur having a bad day. for example lets look into a common generic situation. you just racked up 4000 in a few days of tefferic play good table selection and knowing when to bounce. steady good money management through out with no risk to big.

You come back off that 3 day session playing hours on end working your day job smoking and drinking probably have some kind of bug common on.

sleep deprived u know u gotta try and get to work you go in have no cool or patients get crushed in ur regular game dont win a flip and ur out 8 buy ins in 2 hours. should of just left when u realized you felt like bull crap. 4000 is a month worths of work should of took a vacation lol and no one cares ur now a losing player.

so poker can be good and bad the challenge is to win day in and day out and take your off time with pleasure.

Long live TJ!!!

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Same here, I've been away from poker for about 3 or 4 years and the WSOP coverage has given me renewed enthusiasm, especially John Hesp, what a legend! I remember TJmullen posts many years ago too! This site seems so quiet now, heres hoping for a second poker boom to get P5's busy again!

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Good to see you are still kicking TJ F'n Mullen.

I played online full time for 2 years before Black Friday and currently play part time in NJ. You absolutely can make a mid-stakes living playing the NJ tournaments. I see about 10-15 full time players (Jermz; Spewy; et al.) that seem to play almost exclusively online and at least double that number (Gags, Asher, etc.) who play part time online and have an extensive live schedule. I also assume there are players cleaning up at online cash but have no experience with that.

Yes you can play nj poker for a living. Yes the games are profitable. Please come to NJ to play. We need more swimmers in the pool.

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