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Funds Stolen by Bovada/IgnitionCasino

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Hey P5’s community, I’m writing this to inform everyone of some extremely shameful and criminal business practices of IgnitionCasino and Bovada, who say they are different companies but they are clearly affiliated…but I’ll get into that later. AS OF YESTERDAY, 8/31/17, IGNITIONCASINO AND BOVADA HAVE STOLEN $6,000 FROM ME ALLEGING I AM SOME SORT OF CHEAT.

The Backstory:

I am a brand new player on their sites as of August 21st , nine days ago, and decided to get started by taking advantage of their seemingly amazing bonus offerings. I deposited $1,900 on Bovada and an additional $1,000 on Ignition and began playing poker right away. From that point on I probably played 100 MTT’s, hours of cash games, sit n gos, Zone poker and almost every format of poker they host. On the night of the Mayweather McGregor fight I bet $1,800 on Bovada for Mayweather to win (had to slip in a slight brag). In short, from my $2,900 total in deposits, I had profited enough in a week to bring my total balance to approximately $6,000. I was feeling good until I tried to withdraw my funds.

After a lengthy document verification process, they told me my account was under investigation for misuse of the bonuses they credited me. Yes, the very bonuses that attracted and incentivized me to start playing are their grounds for withholding my money. After searching the terms and conditions I could find nothing wrong with what I did, nor any rules against it. Of course they waited until my withdraw to bring any of this up…

The Bonuses:

My first foray into their cardroom was a single table of limit-cash where I promptly bought in my whole $1,000 initial deposit. I was playing against one or two people for 30 mins or so while getting a feel for the software. At the same time, I remembered the $1,000 casino match was in my account so I fired up a slot machine and started spinning $5 a spin. It wasn’t long before I was actually hitting some decent wins on the slots, which would then trigger the required rollover and clear the funds. I think I probably made around $100 extra because of it.

Since being informed of their investigation, I have talked to a third party company who handles investigations for Bovada and IgnitionCasino, even though they claim not to be affiliated. This company has consistently been rude and unhelpful in insuring me my fund are safe. There has been no timeline given to me and I have caught a couple of their agents in blatant lies while talking to them over the phone. As a juicy extra to this story, I have recorded all of my phone and email interactions for my record and for proof so that they can be held accountable should they decide to continue this truly atrocious behavior.

However, I have decided that releasing these tapes would only hinder the length of this ordeal and so it will be my last resort and I’ll only do if I feel it’s completely necessary. In my opinion, the recordings are damning and will not shine them in the best light. IgnitionCasino, Bovada and this third party company feel it is ok to play the part of judge, jury and executioner and I only hope there are some players out there who can empathize with my situation. More importantly, exercise extreme caution if you are thinking about playing on either of their sites until I post a resolution to this story (if there ever is one).

Feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll do my best to respond to this thread asap.

Thanks for reading/sharing!

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I just called and was transferred to a third party security team to check on how the "investigation" was going and I got the standard response. The standard response is "there is no new update and the best thing I can do is wait." However, he did include the fact that he has seen certain cases take as long as a month or two. This is obviously a crucial update for me because now I know I can't rely on receiving my money any time soon and must plan my life around this. Gotta love how they didn't tell me this for a week!

Please be cautious with the amount you deposit on the site because if it's too large, they may freeze your account with little to no explanation, all the while treating you with contempt and disrespect. If you have money on the site, test a withdraw if you haven't in a while to see if they can even pay you.

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I have successfully deposited and cahsed out from Ignition within the last week. They have the money.. If 6k was so valuable to you that you needed to revolve your life around it, I don't think you should have deposited it on a grey market poker site. With that said, there's gotta be more to the story..

I've never had an ounce of trouble from ignition. Literally just cashed out via Bitcoin yesterday and had the $ in my wallet in less that 12hrs.

My guess is caught using a HUD or has multiple accounts he wasn't aware of or something.

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Firstly, I'd like to just thank those who have taken the time to read this thread to its conclusion. I want to preface this conclusion with the fact that I understand I have done something against the rules, I did so unknowingly and feel more should have been done to warn me about it. Whether or not you believe I was oblivious to the rules or not is not important, what is important is their network has major security flaws and there is no checks and balances to stop players from engaging in the kind of activity that I did. That being said, here is the update: Entire $5k Ignition BR seized, and of the $1k on Bovada there is only a paltry $560 left.

"Hi Richard,


The investigation into your account has concluded.


After a full review of the play in your account, we have found conclusive evidence of Bonus Abuse. As your actions were in violation of our players terms of agreement, the corresponding winnings in your account have been forfeited.


We have also determined yourself to be in collusion with two accounts in our tournaments in an effort to ensure that one or both of you would place in the tournament. Colluding in the Poker Room is a serious offense and is a direct breach of our Player Agreement. As a result of this investigation, we have removed the funds accrued through your collusive activity and have credited all negatively affected players.


It is at this time that we regret to inform you that your account will remain permanently disabled. Please refrain from opening additional accounts in the future, as any attempts to create a new account to play in the poker room will result in the account being disabled permanently and all funds associated with that account being confiscated.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




Bovada Security



I obviously have one new thing to address here which is the multi-accounting, but firstly I'll wrap up what they call bonus abuse. Basically, I actually made money from the "bonus" instead of losing my deposit as they intend for players to do. This is the only reason my account was under investigation in the onset. I just noticed today they are changing their bonus structure starting next week. Interesting timing!

After waiting about a week for them to say anything to me I lost my temper and sent them a threatening email on the 31st of August detailing my intensions to post scathing reviews to different poker forums about how I've been treated so far. Here is my futile threat that I emailed them to try to speed things up... I realize now that the only thing I was doing was lengthening the ordeal and turning every one of their support staff against me in the process.



If I don't hear back about a resolution to my problem within a few hours, I just want to make clear my intent to write an op-ed about my experience as a new player with Bovada and IgnitionCasino and post it to a couple of poker forums. I am outraged that both of my accounts are now frozen and moreover, you are withholding my initial deposits and my winnings that I have accrued over my short stint on your websites.


Additionally, I would be happy to bring up security concerns brought about by the fact that both ignition and bovada are free to play in the same games as one another. I have been in the same tournaments which is a serious security concern for any poker player, including myself.


If these sound like threats, they are, because you have threatened my livelihood by keeping MY funds from me. I have bills to pay: rent, car payment, etc. Counting on a prompt payout was the only reason I deposited in the first place. All of this back and fourth paints the picture that my funds are at risk and you may not have the assets to pay me.


I implore you to take a few minutes to decide what the outcome of this situation will be and send me what is rightfully mine.



Not so surprisingly, they didn't care so I went ahead and made an account on P5's and before I began writing my experience I started reading some of the other threads about bovada/ignition.

I quickly found this thread "https://www.pocketfives.com/f10017/poker-back-bovada-721607/ " from a community member who informed the rest of the community that Bovada poker is back. What I found included in his post sent a shock through my body because it stated that we as players "CANNOT play in the same tournaments on both clients." At this point, not only did I know I had broken the rules (because I had done this in 8 tournaments), I realized that I tipped them off about it in the first place.

The day after I sent this email they had a slough of new questions for me pertaining to the two accounts. They couldn't believe I didn't know the rules, even though they are brand new and the rules are disclosed nowhere. I was treated like the scum of the earth. To be completely honest, I'm happy I alerted them to this even though it cost me so much money. Firstly, now I know it's illegal and I'll never do it again. Secondly, they told me the funds taken from my account were used to credit other players affected by this activity which is by far the most important to me because it was never my intention to cheat anyone. Whether they actually credited players or not can never be verified, unfortunately, because of each player's anonymity at the tables. (If you played in either the Sunday $162 100k or the $270 50k on Sunday September 3rd, I final tabled both of them so you should check to make sure you got something back.) Thirdly, I want to open the community's eyes to the potential security threat you face EVERY TIME you fire up their poker tables.

I talked to the security team today. The security team is an entity who some agents claim are a third party. They have no contact name, company name, email or anything that suggests they are an independent investigative party. Some agents tell me they work for Bovada, some for Ignition and others: the third-party. It seems like whoever you talk to has a different opinion of who they are even employed by. Anyways, I asked a member of their team how, if Bovada and Ignition claim to be separate companies, they can be sure other players aren't doing the same thing? His response was that he hasn't seen any other player do this and I should have known better.

Just keep in mind, I was able to play both sites simultaneously without restriction until I alerted them what I was doing. Asked whether they had a checks and balances to combat this behavior, he responded with a clear, "No." He also scoffed at the recommendation that they send an email to players reminding those that know of this rule and informing those of us who didn't know, that this behavior is definitely not allowed.

Bottom line, if you are playing on either of their softwares, prepare to be playing against multiple account users because they have no way of stopping it. Not only do they not intend on stopping it, they count on making double the rake for each game played twice. I know I probably won't gain too much sympathy but I don't mind too much because that isn't the point. I admitted my mistakes and anyone affected has been compensated (hopefully). What is important is shedding light on how they do business and the potential risks of playing on their awful platform.

So...two companies who falsely claim to be independent of each other have decided to take most of my money without even a fair warning. Aside from the security risks posed by gameplay, when you factor in how their support staff functions, it is scary to think about how many people still play there.


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First, those call recordings you had would have done you no good unless before you started talking, you informed the person the call was being recorded. Would have been totally inadmissible in any court case you may have come away with. Second, I do find it interesting they claim they have nothing to do with each other because I had been playing on Bovada for a while and one day got the mail that Bovada was shutting poker down and all funds were being transferred to Ignition and I'd have to download that software, like I did. I did hear recently that Bovada was getting Poker back. They had to have had some agreement somewhere along the way. However, I'm assuming at the stakes you are playing, you are not naive to online poker. When you log into both of the sites and the tourney list is EXACTLY the same, and then you are in the SAME tournament, they are clearly on the same network. You have to understand how the poker networks work across sites, and you have to be aware multi accounting is illegal. I get that you are informing everyone that they don't have any good safeguards in place to prevent this, but the second you realized they were on the same network, you had to know that playing two accounts in the same tournament was not going to end well for you. Let alone doing it multiple times. That one deserves a COME ON MAN!

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I have played on Ignition and/or Bovada for yeas, made many deposits and washouts with no trouble. I am a VIP member am able to get a bonus tied to every deposit, and there is no clear intention for me to lose my money, as i have turned it into a positive win many times. This seems like you hid truths from us that you actually engaged in obvious wrong doings and instead put the sole blame on them. Some part of that might be sketch, but colluding is an awful thing, and you should be ashamed to bring a poker communities attention to the fact that you colluded against other players, in which case that could have been any of us on the receiving end. Respect the poker community.

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I swear they are a scam I been fighting them for months for close to 1000 dollars I deposited it said transaction failed but on my bank statement it clearly states they got the money I confirmed with my bank and since been fighting with these fools 

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