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Going from Online Poker to Live Poker

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Zugg36    10

Thought I'd share my experience in playing my first live poker tournament after playing a fair amount (600k hands)of online poker.

I thought I would be pretty much ok moving to live poker after so many hands online, I was wrong.

It was complete chaos, overwhelming and confusing.( Still fun!)

The venue was just a local pub game, 36 players, 4 tables.

- The Game - The game was mixed NL holdem and Pot Limit Omaha, I did not know that until I regged 30 mins before game, it was not advertised as that. While I had played a few games of Omaha, not nearly enough to handle it correctly.

- The Chips - The chips they used were not marked with amounts, just colours. This made it real hard for me to follow the action, to know how was being bet and how I need to call, raise etc. The regulars were ok, they were used to it, but I will NOT play in any live games anymore before asking if the chips are numbered ( not just colours).

- Dealing - Players having turns of dealing - Ok, I can shuffle cards and deal basically, but having to do it in a live game was distracting, particulalry with Omaha. I much prefer to NOT deal and focus on the game!

- Blinds - Most of the time, no one knew the correct amount, or incorrectly posted their blinds.

- Button - While there was button on the table, most of the time it was not even in front of the dealer, people were lazy with that.

- Dealers - at least once per round, a dealer would accidently expose a card while dealing, in this game, when this happened play just continued, the exposed card was simply burnt and another redealt to replace it.

- Messy table - The table got real messy every hand, players who folded throwing cards all over the place ( sometimes exposing them), by the the time the river was dealt there were numerous piles of cards scattered all over, some players leaving mucked cards in front of them, some chucking them across the table.

- The Pot - What pot ? The pot usually consisted of numerous piles of chips scattered all over the table mixed up with mucked cards, burnt cards from the dealer, this made it difficult to count the pot or even estimate and follow what was gong on. Pot splashing all over the place.

- Player ettiquette - many players waving cards around, showing people who had folded, allowing me to see them easily with a glance, announcing the cards they had just mucked.. I was shocked by this!

- Hands in the pot, constantly - Players were constantly dipping into the scattered pots, getting change for chips themselves, being corrected by some players for getting wrong amounts.

- Knowing how much I need to call and min raise amounts, trying to keep with those things was real tricky due to the messy unorganised table and lack of people stating what they bet etc along with me not knowing the chip values ( colours only)

- Knowing who won a pot - This got real confusing at times, because at showdown, some players were retrieving the mucked cards, displaying them on top of the community cards and saying " Look what I had, I would have won.

Now all of the above was overwhelming, but I did have fun, I did learn somethings about live poker.

One memorable moment was one of the largest pots I won, incredibly in Omaha, won at showdown with K High! (strange hand indeed) The loudmouth at the table was freaking out! :)

I did make the final table, got knocked out in 6th in an Omaha hand which I made a stupid error.

So, that was my 1st real live poker experience.

I doubt I will play live poker again unless the chips have amounts on them and there is a competent dealer, then perhaps I can focus on poker as opposed to the craziness and chaos going on around me!

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