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Should i have folded?

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Hi Rob, Thought i'd take a quick look at the hand.

This is just a really unlucky spot where you did nothing wrong. I don't think i'm ever folding Ks there. when the BB shoves i cant get the chips in quick enough. The pocket 8's calling two all ins is a terrible play (but great for you).

Just very unlucky on the whole. You got it all in as a 54% favourite in a 3 way pot - That's huge and you really cant do anymore than that. Tournament poker is just a bit cruel sometimes!

If i had to find something to criticise about the hand i'd say you don't need to be opening 3x preflop, especially once the blinds are bigger. Personally i would be opening to around 2.1x but anywhere between 2-2.5x is fine once the blinds are bigger.

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