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Next Level Poker Tour: An Introduction

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Adam    1

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce that my good friend Chris "Fox" Wallace, who's also a big ballin' WSOP bracelet winner, is part of a group of people launching a new tour called Next Level Poker.

As most of you know, Fox has been a member of PocketFives since the earliest days of the site, having written numerous blogs and articles here. He's also been a sponsored pro in a few different poker tours and for years has had his eye on running one himself.

Next Level Poker has been in the works for a while, and their first event will run in the month of November in Northwood, Iowa at the Diamond Jo Worth Casino. If you're in Iowa or Minnesota, or any surrounding states, you should strongly consider attending this event!

PocketFives is proud to be a sponsor of this new tour, and the event includes a special 8-person invitational freeroll with our name attached to it. The freeroll has more than $1,000 in prizes including a seat to the $760 main event for the winner! PocketFives will be giving away one of those 8 seats in the coming days.

More info to come, but let's definitely give this one a shot. Great people behind the event, and Fox is one of the GOAT P5ers.

Here's the full schedule:

Nov. 5th, 12 p.m. - Step Up #1 - $50+5 buy-in, 1 in 6 players earns $150 and seat into Step Up #2

Nov. 12th, 12 p.m. - Step Up #2 - $90+5 buy-in, 1 in 6 players earns $250 and a seat into Step Up #3

Nov. 19th, 12 p.m. - Step Up #3 - $200+10 buy-in, 1 in 6 players earns $270 and a seat into the Championship

Nov. 21st, 6 p.m. - PocketFives Invitational - 8-person freeroll, 1st gets Championship Seat, 2nd gets $200, 3rd gets $100

Nov. 22nd, 6 p.m. - The Tune Up - $200+10 buy-in

Nov. 24th-26th - Blue Shark Optics Championship - $750 buy-in, re-entry allowed, 40 minute levels

Day 1A Nov. 24th at 5 p.m.; Day 2A Nov. 25th at 10 a.m.; Day 1C Nov. 25th at 5 p.m.; Day 2 Nov. 26th at noon

Nov. 26th at 3 p.m. - Next Level Charity Event - $150+10 buy in to benefit Francis Lauer Youth Services

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Fox    0

For this event, the P5's sponsor exemption seat in the Invitational will be given away at the "World's Biggest Home Game" in Northern Minnesota on October 21st. If you are in that area and want to attend, PM me for details.


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