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Tough spot with nut straight on 3 flush flop!!

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Otthello    0


$100 MTT at local card room.


24k at 100/400/800. Early Position opens to 2k, with 19K stack I call with QTcc then called by two others, a 25k stack and 40k stack. Flop 89Jsss. Preflop raiser jams 17k, I snap call, then it gets screwy. 25k stack tank ships and 40k stack snap ships. Back to me with 5k behind. My first mistake was that I should have reshipped instead of calling regardless of outcome, but now I am in a weird spot with only 5k behind and two behind me showing strength. Blinds are about to go up to 100/600/1200. Call off my tourney life, probably drawing dead or save my last few chips?

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