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***Official 2018 WWE Thread***

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45 minutes ago, Ozzie said:


Punk should only return in chicago...


Not really sure how he'd fit.   I'm sure it'd be fine but it's tough to picture.  

Daniel Bryan interrupts a match and it’s chaos then CM Punk returns..both appear in Chicago in the fall..make it happen AEW…wwe is dumb AF..losing huge stars bc their lazy and keeping shitty ones..wait til the women start leaving too..only matter of time..Mox, Jericho, Bryan, Punk and numerous others..it’ll make wwe not be lazy hopefully

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Interesting smackdown

not sure unlike the idea of Finn Balor jobbing to Roman immediately after he comes back.  I hope that’s not where they go with this. 

Paul Heyman was fantastic on the mic tonight and  Roman was very good as well. 

but other than that I thought it was a mediocre show. A good start and a good finish but the rest was just…meh. 

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27 minutes ago, Preston__Luv said:

Raw was awful

Nicki Ash is awful

You are bot supposed to like niki ash. 

kids are. And its working. It wont be long. But push her a month towards summerslam and can get some merch sold. And they pushed the fuck out of her last night. Charlotte is perfect to get her kid sympathy too. Rhea isnt ready. Nobody else there right now. 

think nikki is fine until we get becky sasha back. 

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1 hour ago, ThunderKid2000 said:

I’ve been solely watching AEW since it’s inception. But I’ve watched a couple of RAWs lately. Terrible. Flair vs Nikki as the main event, only to have Flair destroy her for 10 minutes in a non title match? Brutal. 

You are watching the wrong show

Raw is god awful  maybe as bad as its ever been  

smackdown is still the best show of the 4 imo. And i love aew, and a punk and or bryan thing changes that most likely.


 And its really all the roman stuff but ko and sami are great. 

the roman stuff beats everything. 

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Also. Cena pop. Roman is going to kill him too I think/hope. If wwe wwes and lets cena beat him i will give up on them because aew has gotten so much better. 

i dont think they will. I think we wait for the rock whenever that may be. If not a long story with seth. 

cena is going to be a true babyface in this feud.(crowd wise)




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His contract expired a couple months ago.  He has no non compete and could show up anywhere anytime.   


I'm trying to avoid these massive spoilers but it's impossible to not see the headlines.  

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They didn't cut bryan at least he just opted not to resign.   


Releasing braun, rusev and black was totally fucking nuts, though.   They've put a lot of time into those guys.  


They have the talent that they don't need them but they just misuse fucking everyone.   

I don't think Braun goes to aew.  He might end up just taking a pay cut and going back. 

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Holy tits that crowd was hot as fuck tonight. 

AEW is on fire

CM Punk almost 100% to AEW.  With Daniel Bryan as well.  

Best time in wrestling since late 90s. 

Holy fuck that Nick gage vs Jericho match was insane 

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Shocked hangman lost.  I'm sure the plan is still to get him back but don't know how they're gonna do it.   I like being surprised though.   And it would have kinda made me hate him if he went through the world champion and the tag Champs by himself.   That's some Cena bullshit.  

Intro was just awesome.  Match was great.  Main event was nuts.  


Cash looked pretty fucked up.   Hope he's ok, but it really fucked up the match.   They should have audibled to p&p going over and ftr could use cases injury as an excuse to get a rematch. 


Britt trying to be a heel... good luck with that. 


As much as I love what aews doing, I hate this Hardy blade shit.  

They had the singles match already, why are they still building?  Blade just lost to Cassidy.   He and bunny lost the mixed tag.  He's a loser.  It's killing him because he's kind of good with the butcher.  He can't beat orange.  He can't beat christian.   Find something else for him to do...



Also a wrestling first.  They teased someone arriving in a limo and then no limo showed up.   Huge swerve.

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On 7/29/2021 at 9:14 AM, Ozzie said:

I assume it's so they can book and sell out the United center in just a couple weeks.  And then blow the roof off of it.  That's a huge venue.  Tickets go on sale Friday and they'll be gone instantly.  You better fuckin go @aupoker1

Yes. Even if it wasnt leaked they would be dumb not to tease the fuck out of it. 

My august and september weekends are literally full of music. I love aew but not gonna miss any big show for it. Have to see what if anything is going that weekend



not all of these but most. The 20th looks free for me. Beach boys at ravinia that saturday for free. So much fun last year. 

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On 7/31/2021 at 12:31 AM, Preston__Luv said:

Gee.  What a surprise with Sasha

Not.  A fucking retard could see that coming. 

Let’s have Cena steal the contract amd sign and make official. Jesus Christ did the raw writers invade this show. 

Nah. This wasnt the best smackdown. But kast week was awesome. Sasha was a surprise to me. The turn was obv but obv is ok if its good. This was good. Sasha is a fucking superstar. 

loving the edge seth stuff. Stiries being told on smackdown. Long term call back stuff here and Roman. Still the best of the 4 because of the stories. 


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On 7/31/2021 at 12:14 PM, Ozzie said:

Bray Wyatt released.  They just have too much good content going to find anything for him I guess.


Sorry, raw is only 3 hours long.  If only you were able to get over. 

I dont get it. Raw is soooo bad. And smackdown is sooo good. I hear vunce skips smackdown mostly. And there ya go

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Pretty cool to see that Willie is still on the road. 


Always gringe when i open this thread, and want to make fun of you guys, but then i remember i collect baseball cards and jackoff to porn on the reg still. 

But just lol at you democrat clowns being obsessed with WWF wrestling. You guys love phonyness. you love political theatre. 

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