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South Florida School Shooting

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NorCal prolly views it as a baby at conception. Using Plan B is the same as snapping it's spine right before birth in NorCal warped view

He prob doesn't even jack off either. No reason to kill thousands upon thousands of "babies"

derp x2.

of course it's killing a baby. doesn't mean it's wrong. well, it does, but doesn't make it unnecessary.

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Guest Hank H1LL
Trump guns abortion voter ID Hillary.

I had abortion on the first page. I thought I was aiming high with that one so nice work, OT. voter ID is gonna be tough. Hillary should be easy.

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Welp, as this spirals into 32 pages of gun control crap...how long til the "it never happened" conspiracies start? And pics of the same chick at every mass shooting around the world. The world is flat. blah blah

100% chance this shit happens, followed by being called sheep 'because you believe what the news tells you'. shit is as predictable as the sunrise

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Speaking of death penalty the Florida AG was just on the news and she was piiiiiiiisssssssssed!! She said without a doubt they’ll seek the death penalty. Most of the time, the shooter isn’t alive at the end of these. Does anyone know the mental health standards a suspect would have to pass to be considered sane for trial for capital punishment? I don’t know anything about this and would love for an OT lawyer to let us know how this goes down or works.

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Killing someone intentionally, who did nothing to you, is the very definition of murder. In fact it's premeditated, so should be murder 1, and the death penalty is in play

Do you not know the difference between killing and murder?

lol you guys ever hear of the death penalty?

edit: hookey has, but still doesn't get it loooool

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