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Shrubbery OT rail thread

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Like my 100$ bet he pays peeople back by end of year. I don't think he's a bad dude at heart, just a fuck up.

Id take this but santa probably gives him 10k every christmas for being a good little boy

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I mean... im just gonna point out hes a piece of shit every time someone tries complimenting him while he still owes OT $5.7k.

Fyp. Give him some credit bro. He's about to come back itt, you don't want to hurt his delicate sensibilities

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I mean yeah what he did was shitty but I don’t get the point of harping on it day in and day out... if / when he pays it back people are still going to talk shit to him bout it forever, obviously , I’m just callin out the guys who said he sucked at tournaments.

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