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But the numbers arent correct on SS either, so take it with a grain of salt.

They will have u -10.50 in a $3r etc

They divide the prizepool by entrants. So say you're in on a single bullet, no add-on (Lol @ the 10bb or less add-on btw) and you bust before the money, you only lost 3.30 but SS will say you lost 10.50 or w/e the avg is. So dumb lol

There was a 2r I got 12th in on a single bullet with the add-on and it showed on SS I lost like 1.81 or some dumb shit lol

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I scrolled and read but hope this isn't an accidental repeat question.

Is there a place dedicated to posting Global tourney results? I had a nice score this past Sunday--the Sunday Teaser--and thought it would be cool to share.

Thanks, y'all!

You can always join OT rail and brag about it there

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OK...cool. Was stoked to take down the $110 Sunday Teaser on Global this past Sunday. Had 205 runners and was a fun, aggressive FT. Ended up bringing in about $4700 for 1st, topping my highest tracked score on P5s. Sure wish the results were tracked, but nonetheless wanted to post about the victory. I feel like I actually played well and stayed focused somehow, with 2 screaming kids in the house, so I'm proud of this one.

Roll tide!

You can always join OT rail and brag about it there
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