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PLO Hand Advice Please

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SloppyJoints    10

Playing live PLO / PLO8 (8 hand rounds of each)

Sitting in the small blind with AAJ5 non suited and a stack of $900. blinds are $2/3 with a $5 bring in and it is a PLO round. UTG flats, UTG+2 folds, UTG+3 ($400 stack) pots to $20, fold to cutoff ($750 stack) who calls for $20, and I just flat due to position and because the table had been pretty loose, so I figured I'd be able to get my money in anyways if I hit. UTG folds and we see a flop.

Flop was AK4 rainbow and I check, UTG+3 pots for $80 and cutoff flats. I re pot and UTG+3 re pots all in for $380 total. Cutoff folds and I call and hold to win the pot.

Should I have flatted the $80 to see a turn and suck the cutoff into the hand, or was potting it the right move to get the cutoff to fold a possible QTJx type hand?

Also was flatting pre flop the wrong move?

I'm still getting used to PLO and figured even with a QTJx hand, the cutoff would have gotten his money in anyway. I put UTG+3 on the case A along with Kxx or KKxx and was happy to end up heads up against him.


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RootsmanTilt    10

I would have squeezed preflop as your hand definitely plays better HU and reducing the SPR allows you to jam OTF. If your KKxx assumption was right, then you could have gotten a lot of money in against a hand you were a dominating. Against a wrap (QJTx) which has about 30% equity, the c/r was the right move here. In PLO free or cheap cards can kill top set very quickly and you would have had a hard time getting away if a broadway card hit.

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