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Post BF sites in a nutshell ...

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89188554-214 - Nightly $2.20 - $750 Gtd [Deep] (89186585-1)

Holdem Tournament No Limit Level 18 Ante 200, Blinds 1000/2000 Holdem Tournament

Saturday 12 May 2018 10:40:34 PM

1: LlordNakcor

2: johngaff2424

3: bobbymiss


5: permatilt420

6: AborTerror (Dealer)

7: Neointraining

8: Dirtbag3083

*** BLINDS ***

LlordNakcor Paid Ante 200

johngaff2424 Paid Ante 200

bobbymiss Paid Ante 200

MDFVOL Paid Ante 200

permatilt420 Paid Ante 200

AborTerror Paid Ante 200

Neointraining Paid Ante 200

Dirtbag3083 Paid Ante 200

Neointraining Posts Small Blind 1000

Dirtbag3083 Posts Big Blind 2000

*** PREFLOP ***

permatilt420 Hole Cards: Jd,Jh

LlordNakcor Folds

johngaff2424 Calls 2000

bobbymiss Folds


permatilt420 went All In 37876

AborTerror Folds

Neointraining went All In 48740

Dirtbag3083 Folds

johngaff2424 Folds

permatilt420 Shows Jd,Jh

Neointraining Shows 9d,6s

*** POSTFLOP ***

Community Cards: Qh,8s,9h

*** POSTTURN ***

Community Cards: Qh,8s,9h,6c


Community Cards: Qh,8s,9h,6c,Kh

*** END OF GAME ***

permatilt420 Player Out

Neointraining won 81352 from Pot 1 with Two Pair Nines and Sixes

Neointraining had 11864 returned from uncalled Pot 2

Dude insta called with the 9 high for 20 bigs ... sigh I miss you Pokerstars :(. He could not have got it in any faster either luls ... also this was with less than 50 left

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Rihard4a    12

If you can't beat people who donate money to you then don't even dream of beating anyone on PokerStars these days.

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