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Baton Rouge

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Eden    10

There is a lot of slots

I prefere this type

also you can run in table games there

anyway you can spend your time in good way)

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allynlong    0

Lauberge is the only poker room in Baton Rouge. The other 2 casinos are dumps for the most part. Lauberge poker is no big deal either. Usually 2 NL tables at night and 1 Limit half and half table. Friday and Saturday nights might get 3 NL tables and 2 half and half with a 4/8 limit game thrown in as well. They do have a fairly deepstacked 1/3 PLO game that will run late night a few times a week. With straddles and double straddles it will usually play like a 10/20 game with stacks of $5k + not uncommon. Some times they will play as high as 25/50 when it gets short handed. People have been know to leave up or down $15-$25k in it some nights

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