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Studying poker has been a complete waste of time

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y2ktim    0

If I had put the same time into studying golf that I put into poker I would be shooting double boogy golf. In poker despite reading dozens of books, subscribing to TPE, having a MTT coach and analyzing my hands until I am blue in the face, I am still not a positive EV MTT player despite being at it 5 years since formally studying it. I have come to the conclusion that I just have worse luck than anyone else. My career proves that too as every recession I get laid off and every start up I have worked for has gone under. I am the guy who's car always gets dinged in the parking lot. So if one is inherently unlucky why bother. I could have paid for several very nice cruises of the money I invested in studying poker.

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JDoug    10

Couple things

A 36 handicap doesn't make you a good golfer. Am I missing something?

Reading dozens of books, subscribing to training sites, having a coach and analysing your own hands will not, alone, make you a good poker player. Poker is a game of nuance, if you don't know how/why and when to apply the things you're learning, you're banging your head against a brick wall.

I don't think you understand probability and variance from the way you describe yourself as being 'inherently unlucky'. Luck is just probability taken personally. If you refuse to accept that, then maybe you should save your money and go on those cruises.

Maybe people are dinging your car because you park like a douche

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EireStyle    10

Stop working on the poker side of the game and start developing a better mindset! Typical poker player "I am the unluckiest player around". Bad mindset, reinforcing negativity. Mistaken being bad for being unlucky. Change your mindset and you'll change your game.


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