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americas card room is in fact rigged

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On 1/29/2021 at 6:55 AM, MarcMM1 said:

A lot of these sites screw US players (not all) with a bullsht RNG.  WPN is a big one. They know that market can snap shut at any time, so they are trying to rob most US players for as much as possible, while they can, without being "too obvious".  That's a fact Jack Daniels.






A good player with and this is important good bankroll management will be a winning player on ACR in the long run

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Interesting reading this in 2021. How silly do some y’all feel now for defending ACR and criticising this poor dude? It turned out there were lots of bots on there cheating people out of money, many folk using multiple accounts and several possible super users. Watch the Joe Ingram videos on YouTube. 

It’s ironic that a rigged site’s biggest defenders are players like those here who consider themselves superior. Dunning-Krueger runs rampant particularly among idiots who refuse to believe every online poker site is rigged in one way or another. It’s not just variance fools! Absence of proof does not mean absence of cheating!

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On 2/17/2021 at 4:59 AM, PokerBloke said:

Interesting reading this in 2021. How silly do some y’all feel now for defending ACR and criticising this poor dude? It turned out there were lots of bots on there cheating people out of money, many folk using multiple accounts and several possible super users. Watch the Joe Ingram videos on YouTube. 

It’s ironic that a rigged site’s biggest defenders are players like those here who consider themselves superior. Dunning-Krueger runs rampant particularly among idiots who refuse to believe every online poker site is rigged in one way or another. It’s not just variance fools! Absence of proof does not mean absence of cheating!

I mostly play tournys and I win there so I think I will continue and I'm sure there are bots to some degree on every site but bots can be beat

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**This post is for someone like me who plays a decent game and thinks they can make use of the site to make modest profits through good, sustained play. Just stop wasting your time. Really. Life is too short, the site is dog shit. Play live poker, or hope that a significantly regulated and wealthy site such as GG or Pokerstars or Partypoker comes to the US mainstream. Why do you think most players play there, when ACR is open to the planet just as GG and Pokerstars are? If players on GG or PS wanted to play on ACR, the player pools would be gigantic! Don't you wonder why they don't?

What they must have payed Moneymaker to endorse the site is staggering to consider... 


Look, people, I'm just as easily manipulated as anyone else into thinking if I play a good game, I can be a winning player on WPN. I have been playing poker for many years, fairly decently, I'm not a donk, fish, bot, I have a positive ROI and profit over about 900 tournaments on the site over the course of the year, nothing major, and play an average buy in of about $35 dollars. The only way to win on this site obviously assumes a certain level of skill, as to be a winning poker player anywhere, but more importantly you have to a. play constantly and b. have the perseverance to, knowing (or so we think) that everyone is on an even playing ground of completely unrealistic run-outs, play through all the ridiculous 4% river hits, over and over and over. The losing run-outs when I'm all in pre or on flop with a huge made hand and am 80% - (not kidding) 95%! ahead going to river have become so predictable, it's honestly laughable.


Except, it becomes less laughable when I win a tournament ($109 30k GTD PKO 8max for instance), that for the next 100 or 200 tournaments, I've found I've been shuffled into the cue of "lose on river 95% of the time" until I've given enough rake back to the site to be moved up the cue, or made enough redeposits, or some shit. That's where I am at now, and I'm done having to play another 200 tournaments before I'm put into a different pool of results. 


 The algorithm they've developed is beyond me, BUT DON'T THINK FOR A SECOND they're not taking advantage of mechanizing the system. They literally can do anything, with little to no repercussion. Who is overseeing them, ultimately? Absolutely no one. The model is "prioritize payouts to make players feel their money is safe and that they are valued," pretty much banking on the fact, probably backed by a gambling psychology expert, so long as this is in place, players will essentially be blind to every other unchecked facet of the site. They have basically zero customer support or way to get ahold of them otherwise.


This is different than saying, oh it's rigged for certain players, etc, etc, etc, which I suppose is possible, with regards to having shill players who win for the site, or players who basically act as coolers to make the game so unpredictable that it's nearly impossible to beat within the construct of long-term strong play due to even something as mathematical as GTO play. Why do you think almost every single tournament, is a reentry? Sure, to build the prize pools, but every reentry means another tournament fee. Wonder why they don't offer very many tournaments, in the scheme of things, with smaller player pools? They only offer SNGs with 9 people, and the On Demand SNG's? They're basically super turbo, thus ramping up the variance. These smaller player pool tournaments (27, 36, 81, 100 players) are more consistently won than the mega player pool tournaments, so they've carefully, basically altogether omitted their existence on the site. They want players playing in max variance pools, mixed with the mega donks and the full-time players. 


The site has managed to apply slot machine psychology to poker-- in the short term, give a taste of victory, throw a few lights up, but in the long run, be concerned only with amassing tournament entry fees and rake. Go and look at any player on sharkscope who just starts playing on the WPN network, and huh, they bink a tournament pretty early on in their game numbers--impressive! Only to basically go on to lose consistently, with wins here and there to keep their interest piqued. Look, these sites are now run with very advanced computational technologies--it is NOT DIFFICULT to rig them for maximal action. And no one can convince me otherwise, and this coming from someone again, with about 10k profits over the year. 


I can't tell you the number of times I've sat down at a zoom table (either 1/2 or .25/50) only to lose three hands within 10 with the likes of KK vs AK all in, Ace on river, JJ vs 1010, 10 on flop, etc etc, or on the contrary, won in similar situations within the first few only to eventually hit improbable beats to have to reload. What i'm saying is, it's rigged to keep you locked in--either by attempting to chase your profits, or by thinking, "hey this is going well," only to be run into the ground by the next pool of players who have entered and you've become part of the hook that then gets them there. 


It's inexplicable to me that the players crushing the actual cash tables, are a. playing about 10 or 12 at a time, and still managing to make calls within the 15 seconds timer (which again, another thing that keeps the game moving very very quickly, decreasing time for thinking, thus contributing to variance as well), ARE SOMEWHAT EXCLUSIVELY FROM RUSSIA, ESTONIA, UKRAINE AND BELARUS. Common. It's fuckin ridiculous. It's so in our faces, and yet the lure of gambling and the facade of fairness keeps people locked in. 


And if they're routinely paying out players thousands of dollars (sometimes after that player has amassed $25K+--go look at their "transparency" reports of this on the site) due to bot presence, that means they are going largely unnoticed for months on end. Oh, and ever notice how players from Russia have the most insanely consistent upward trajectory of wins and profit? These players are smart---sorry, bots---these bots are smart--play at low stakes and amass small amounts of profit over a long period, more unnoticed. 


The tournaments are meant for max variance, max reentry, max improbable beats to keep us all in a vicious loop. Sure, there are winning players on the site who, if they are actual human players, are putting in insane volume to eventually work past these mechanics---but do you really want your life to be about sitting in front of the computer for 10 hours a day in a system that is designed to keep you hooked? This is not real poker.


Again, don't be delusional: 




 They'll throw promotions and bogus RNG certificates and a harmless mascot at you, and make a few people pros who stream the site on twitch, but don't be fooled. 


Seriously, life is too short, and they do not give a shit about hosting an honest and realistic game. It's on a computer. Their very operation exists in a grey area and is somewhat illegal, with very little legitimate oversight of players or of their actions. If you think they can be shady and dishonest via proximity to lack of due-diligence in some practices, but honest in the game they host, you've been sucked into the circus and endless loop of delusion. I'm trying to get out while I can, and if one player is reading this and needing some commiseration to do the same, saving money and COPIOUS amounts of time, that's all I'm hoping to help with.


**To the ACR reps who are hired to troll the internet for posts such as these and refute them, posing as real players who label this post as a "cry from a loser who's just had a bad beat and is venting:"


I'm not going to bother to check to see if responses have been posted here, so don't bother. 

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Ive played for 20 years.  All online sites are rigged because they are owned overseas without any gambling commission to check.  Theres even 10 sites all hosted overseas that closed down for major cheating.  Examples below.  I play 20 bucks here and there out of boredom but I know its all rigged.  Why would someone continue to call u when they have no hand and win each time on river ridiculously or play blackjack and lose 20 hands in a row.  Even live casino blackjack, a dealer on video cheated skipping two cards.  Its even on youtube.  Ive even had it happen to me and no one to complain.  I pretend its a video game and play accordingly without expecting to withdraw.  Yes withdraws work at all sites after they make you go through hurdles of verification to try to get you to give up and gamble it away at their site.  Just dont come on here and lie to everyone you trolls.  Tell the truth.  Only sportsbook is safe.

Absolute Poker co-founder Scott Tom was caught playing in card games on-site under the name “God Mode” — using software that allowed him to see opponents’ cards. 

Pitbull Poker operated from 2004 to 2009 in offices in Costa Rica. Pitbull had cheating scandals similar to God Mode and SuperUser, as it was learned that any employee of Pitbull Poker could see customer’s cards. Later, it was learned that Pitbull Poker’s operators owned WSOP.com and was pretending to be the official World Series of Poker website.

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If 12 sites have gotten caught cheating their customers and closed down.  Why is everyone here saying its perfectly fair everywhere?  Its just not logical.  What other sites are cheating that we do not know about.  There is NO GAMBLING COMMISSION like las vegas.  These are overseas companies.  

LockPoker.eu and LockCasino.eu closed in April 2015 after long months of speculation it would close. Lock Poker’s troubles became official in 2010, when Casinomeister listed Lock Poker as a rogue site for slow payments. Three years later, many players began to report they had not been paid since 2012. In April 2013, players on the TwoPlusTwo poker forum noted that sponsored players had been treated to an all-expense-paid vacation to a Portuguese castle. This enraged rank-and-file players, who criticized the site for paying luxury expenses when they would not process winnings.

Ultimate Bet was deeply involved in misconduct. In May 2008, the site announced it had a cheating scandal (“SuperUser”) similar to Absolute Poker’s cheating scandal around the same time.



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