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americas card room is in fact rigged

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I now know ACR is rigged and is ripping off american players. They have figured out away to munipulate there dealing program so low to mid level players can not to a cash out. Of course not everyone, that would be to obvious but I know they do this with alot of players, its the hang the carrott in front of the rabbitt effect. Imagine the profit in ensuring that many players will not be able to do a cash out! They have no interest in letting players withdrawl THERE money. I have heard countless testimonials from experienced poker players that they also believe the site stinks really bad. Its simply modern day cyber organized crime. If the russians can manipulate our elections then trust me they could find away to munipulate there dealing program, despite there claims its been verified by these so-called independent companies. They have found away to do it. They got me for only 250 and that in no way will alter my life so my rant here is not about the $ its about exposing these crime figures for who they are. Go ahead keep on loading your cash in there, have fun with that.

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Be careful at this site. When you call on the phone you talk to Russian in customer service ok. How many legit companies employ Russians as "agents"? Not many I'm aware of. India yes. Philippines yes. Caribbean and Costa Rica yes. Draw your own conclusions. People including myself get paranoid when a string of bad beats occur.

As I stated in earlier post, I've been playing for about 60 years. I played in Gardena, Las Vegas, Lake Elsinore and other card clubs in the early and mid 70's. I watched Doyle Brunson and Stu Unger play $100 ante $10,000 freezeout heads up in 1974 at the Dunes. I'm not a 2 year internet junkie who just fell off the turnip truck. Until some legislation is passed and this thing is governed there's some good chances of impropriety. Bovada was and is a worldwide betting institution which has little reason to stack the deck. I'm not 100% certain that ACR is rigged. Have your radar up and watch closely. Good luck to all....SHUFFLE UP AND DEAL!!

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A statement such as:

"Players who make unsubstantiated posts and then cry over losing in my opinion are only attempting to assign blame" might be easier to consider than your opening paragraph.

Do you actually think anyone cares what you "hate" (on)?

Did anyone mention they were "crying"; or, is it just more of YOUR drama?

You possibly would consider removing your first digit from the anal cavity...taking a sniff and seeing if the world's not a better place.

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First of all its"their"

2nd off, you are probably making a ton of mistakes. whats your username so i can look it up and tell you how badly you managed your money.

Why do you feel entitled to win off one deposit? do you know what variance is?

Also, can you tell me what a site gains for example in a 10+1 sng where they make the same amount no mattter who wins the game?

and lol is it rigged only cuz YOU lost? damn man, pm me when you deposit again!

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1000% WPN is a scam

Ask the Brunson Family

Oh & RedShit, if u don't know they pay off stupid play, are u even playing there?

Oh & please, no stupid poker lectures.

They operate illegally, FACT, they offer illegal gaming FACT

AND they know the sun only shines so long.

But u think its poker right?

Lol, who is the fool?

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Oh & I can absolutely prove they rig cards.


Here's how I would do it. LOL this fkn pos would not even be able to stop me.

Because they don't care;

Open 20 accounts, easy. Record 2 weeks play (or less)

These fkn crooks r finished, & even ReShit says "wow, he's right"

Honestly I don't give a shit, but there are ppl that could bust this trash in a New York second

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Guys like you make me laugh, you are the reason why poker is profitable. Not chance you win. YOu feel entitled to win then when you lose you "must" of been cheated! Now lets go over how dumb your statements really ae!

You said 1000% WPN is a scam, and your proof is to ask the brunson family? A scam is to take money unfairly. You are so dumb you probably think since you lost money its them scamming you when you just simply lost. ACR has paid me numerous times over the years, and all 20-30 hrs usually. I also personally know 2 people who have won the milly and cashedout 100k+ with no problems, so your comment about them being a scam has just been proven wrong.

Now this is my favorite one, his one makes me laugh"dont you know they payoff stupid shit!?" Ok the logical answer to you would be it is poker you uneducated fishball. if your AA won 100% of the time then guess what? THEN itd be rigged. The best hand is supposed to lose dude. you just dont know what variance is, and im sure you do your fair share of sucking out. .. now ill ask you something i ask every riggtard and can NEVER get a response to, my question to you is"If you TRULY HONESTLY BELIEVED! that they PAY OFF SHIT!.... then why do you play what you think is good? you should strt to play like"shit" so you get paidoff. Makes sense right?

Then you go on to say"they operate illegally FACT "illegal gaming FACT" my response is..... uhh ok?

whats your point? Theyve been around since like 2002 or something? they are growing and getting bigger and better, who really cares if its not regulated? I could admit they gotta get their shit together in some spots but they never have payout issues, and you can get support pretty easy. Id be honored to be site pro for them.Let me ask you why you play there ? if you are so strongly against it? or are you just so addicted to losing its in your blood?

Yes its poker- and YOU sir are the fool

Then you go on to say you can rigg them and sy something about 20 accounts? and dont explain how

Gues what you clown, anybody who is good with computers and vpns and different routers and tech savvy they can get multple acounts on ANY site they want. cheating goes on at EVERY SITE. .. but you choose to trash acr because why? because you are a degenerate lose who cant take the blame for losing the honest way. There is no hope for you son. Godbless


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not gona waist a fkn second reading ur fkn trash. Because FOOLS like u make me fkn laugh!

Do u seriously not know that you are trying to defend an illegal pos operation. LOL (oh & I used a period cause its not a question, ur dum ass obviously thinks its legit)

Oh & you are so easily triggered, LOL.

Fuck u and anyone that thinks anything about WPN & anything connected to it is not corrupt in at least a hundred ways.

But lets just stick to the one!

They are operating totally illegally in basically EVERY where a US player can play! That's a fucking fact FOOL!

EASY to prove FOOL! LOL

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this is the most moronic post. Rigged and cheating posts should not even be allowed without definitive proof. Go record hands, make statistical charts, make a youtube video, and actually do things using the proper channel with everything that you have access too.

If you want to just say everything is rigged, and you COULD prove it if you want, yet you don't, you add to the problem and are ignorant, which we all know already.

If you don't want ot play, then don't, no one will argue, you are fully within your right, but if you want to argue cheating or something along those lines, you should be fair and provide some kind of tangible proof, or just don't make a post about it.

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Ok, let me explain something to you and ask you somethng. Seriously why do you play? why spend time on the site if you hate it? Also as far as it being illegal etc, who realy cares? can i go to jail or penalised? no i cant hs anybody EVER gotten in trouble playing online? NO... so again, WHY DOES IT MATTER?

IF the hotttest sexiest girl of your dreams said shed sleep with you for 1 dollar a day the rest of your life, would you do it? Anybody in the world will say yes to that, ANYBODY and if they dont lol. Well guess what? by you saying yes to that means you are commiting a crime, Nothing will probably happen you probably wont get in trouble but you could. What is the downside on playing online if the site is legit and paysoyou?

I love how you say you wont read but clearly did. YOU JUST GOT NO COMEBCKS BE


bottom line illegal or not WHO CARES? WHYS IT MATTER? as log as you an play and get paid its FINE u clown

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