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WPN down?

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Stopped playing at ACR over 4 months ago due to them cheating me out of money I withdrew. So these scum send me a MOSS Cube in mail with $25 loaded to account... fkin WP. Hopped on last week and spun up a little roll only to find out they still are one of the worst sites you can possibly play at. Constant DDoS attacks with copy/ paste replies from support lmfao.

On a happier note... I read a snippet of the Shrubs thread and 10/10 will read again. Shit is golden.

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Sorry I posted the updates on the other thread (https://www.pocketfives.com/f10017/winning-poker-network-cashier-cashout-deposit-thread-693805/)




-Our tournaments team are currently working on the refund process as per our terms and conditions. If you still don't have the refund, please contact our CS team so they can assist you with it.


-If you are having issues trying to open the poker client, contact our CS department via Live Chat. They will be more than glad to help you out. https://www.americascardroom.eu/poker-customer-support/

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Update: Everything is back to normal at this moment. Apologies for all the inconveniences, if you still have log in issues or didn't receive a refund as per our tournaments rule, please be so kind and contact our CS department via Live Chat.

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sweet config problems again, why do i bother ...

Hello, regarding the Configuring message (This also apply to the ones related with the antivirus) please do the following steps:

1. Close the poker application then perform a DNS Flush (If you don't know how to do that please search it on your browser, you can also check this one https://www.wikihow.com/Flush-DNS). Then, open the poker application.

2. If you still have the same issue, add the poker application as an exception in your antivirus. (To do that, please contact your antivirus provider or check on their forums) Re-start the poker application.

3. If you already did the step 1 and 2, please reinstall completely the application. (Remember to delete ALL the files related with ACR and then reinstall it)

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Hello, we apologize for the inconveniences. The configuring issue has been solved, however, if you guys still have issues with it let me know by Private message so I can send them to the IT department. Remember to send the following information:

Operator System


IP address

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