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Did i make the right Call ? help please


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good morning, so im playing the 3$ superstack 6max tourney , i was sitting in 2nd in chips with 9.8M and 8 players left (2 to FT) and we are sitting in the BB with QQ , UTG shoves for 2.1M (10bbs) and mid position reshoves for 6M , are we folding here since we are so close to FT? or call it off? i have no stats from villain since i dont use HUD.

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unless the second player is just a complete nit we never fold here. so basically we never fold here cuz i have met very few players tight enough to justify folding the 3rd best starting hand in holdem.

will they have you beat sometimes here? of course.

slam dunk allin

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2 left to the FT, might mean that both players were nitting it up.

If UTG was shoving 77´s+ Ajo+ and kqo+ and the MP Iso with 99´s to KK & AQo+, your QQ´s still have 46% equity vs those ranges. Pot odds are 30bb to win roughly 72bb = 41% pot odds needed. So even against those nitty ranges you would still be ahead.

If you take the 10bb out of the equation completely and just look at the equity of the 30bb stack that could damage you, you have 63% equity vs an iso range of 99´s to KK Aqo+.

55% equity vs 10´s to AA and Aqo+

I´m calling, except vs a super nit.

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