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Proof of cheating and mismanagement at GlobalPoker

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Poker Community,

I am a player who has been involved in the online community since the inception of online poker. I am a United States player and have been 'offline' and playing in real casino's since the legislation passed over a decade ago prohibiting online play in the US.

I recently saw an ad for a site called "GlobalPoker" offering real money action to US players. Intrigued, I created an account and decided to test the water using the 5000 'gold coins' I got for creating a new account.

I am a tournament player and naturally was drawn to the tournaments. After not receiving the promotional "$2 in sweep$ cash for new players" I was slightly discouraged but, whatever.

In my 2nd tournament I registered for a 4-player turbo tournament and was surprised to be faced with three bots, all bearing similar names. I took a screenshot (see attached) and after beating all 3 players who were clearly colluding against me, I filed a report to GlobalPoker through their helpticket option.

That was 4 days ago. Today I attempted to log in (out of boredom) and found that my account has been blocked (see attached screen shot). I still have not heard back from the poker room.

I wasn't going to make a big deal about this but I'm infuriated that first I encountered colluding bots, and now I'm being dodged by management who also blocked my account.

I highly encourage everyone to stay far away from this site. I've attached a screen shot showing the table at which I sat and management's reaction to my claim of collusion.



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Peculiar. It was not a real money game. I don't believe it was my 'gold coins' they were targeting. Whether or not they were beta testing, however before playing for real money with less blatant usernames is unknown.

Support guarantees <24 hour response time but has still not replied. I will update the thread with their response, if they ever write back to me..

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I don't have an account to post this, but I do want to warn people,  with all online poker sites. almost all of them pay out, but they all scam too.


First off, Global Poker does have something fishy going on.


here is the proof, and it really can't be denied.

Their # 1 Poker player on their site, for the last 2 yrs.  is named BigTILTcity


he plays all day on the bigger Tournaments, Usually the 3k games. and is almost always on the final table.


all of the Tournament players who register for the games before the games start, they are all in Alphabetical order, but...

BigTILTcity is usually the first one in the list,  even before other players who's names start with the A's, or even the people's names who start with a number. 


Another Player on their site who plays the lower stakes games is Holser, he's usually always listed first as well.


when looking up both of those players on sharkscope, they have winning graphs that would put them up there with some of the greatest poker players in the world.

neither one of those players have a big drop in their graphs, both are on a near perfect up and up winning graph.

all of the greatest pro's of all time have losing ruts, but these guys don't look like they are not hitting the money very often.


I myself have played millions of hands online, and I'm in the top 2% all time cashouts on poker stars play money tournaments. But I'm not hitting the money nearly every game on Global. but BigTILTcity is. and people who win as much as he does usually gets their accounts banned. but nope, he's their #1 player since the first yr he's joined, and he has made 1000's of dollars on their site, and you can check that for yourselves on sharkscope, not to mention most always being listed 1's in front of other players who are listed in Alphabetical order.


even the greatest players get card dead sometimes, so how is he the leading player, who is usually hitting the final table, there is an online interview of him speaking, you should really listen to it. it even sounds fishy to listen to. I also would like to add though, I made a $20.00 deposit on Global, and ran it up to  $262.00 but is hasn't been easy. and it didn't happen quickly either. but here is the podcast. where they talk to BigTILTcity, and Steve Sample. after a huge game on Global.



Peace, and good luck to all of you with building your bank rolls. I truly wish you the best,


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