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Niagara on the lake

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Congrats and all OP an stuff.......yo mate, you got 20 bucks o weed? ;)

(This is a very small amount Donk, imagine a thumbnail of good green)

Ouch, thats rough. East coast prices.

URI is right, compared to that Califonian herb, its a flash back to the 90s over here.

Danny must have earned a bunch of repect here in the past. Not one demand for pics or GTFO.

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This guy was legit. He said um we dont have a dispensary but I'll deliver to u. Pretty sure he is just out of his house

Of course he is. I like and am an advocate to the whole medical thing, but it is such a farce how its exploited.

I love those vids where a crew of weed dealers get busted and they cry "But how can I get my medicine to my patients" It is pure comedy.

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