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I am at my wits end!! Is this variance?????!!

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God_Mode_Off    10

Heey fellahs,

I am new here. Great place by the looks of things!!

Now to the 'point': Well, I am at my wits end as you can see :) I have never been so hard 'at it'. I am at it, well, as hard as one can be I suppose...?

I have been experiencing what is likely to be called one of the worst downswings one can hit... I guess.

Honestly I just don't know what is happening ever since 4 months to be exact. In short: I CAN'T WIN ANYMORE. Not matter how far ahead, what I do, I CAN'T WIN ANYMORE. I have been playing on PS and iPoker for 3 years now. The downswing applies to both of these rooms. It 'goes' like this:

PT learned me that I now have lost no less than 23 (major) flips out of the last 30 occurences. Before that, I had already been on the bad side way more often for A LONG long period.

My hands dominating villain's (e.g. AQ vs. Ax) keep losing over and over and over and over often to 4 flushes or gutshots mostly. Weird enough.

Add to that the fact I have been card dead for days and days. Add to that, even my higher pairs don't hold up the majority of the time. I'm almost contemplating just to not play them anymore. That's how sickening the whole situation is at the moment.

I get into these situations often around the bubble (I'm merely a tourney player) over and over. But I just keep losing monster pots with them to 2 outers OVER AND OVER again now for the f*cking 10th tourney in a row I came to the conclusion.

All of these hands if I would've won, (which should have been at least a couple of times!!!?? knowing Im actually a fav 4 to 1) would have giving me a 2 light years chiplead. But I lost. And I lost. And I lost. And I lost. Only yesterday I lost AA to QQ t a Q on the river to villain holding second spot with the same monster stack as I had.

Furthermore, whatever my bet sizing, anyone is 'fishing' AND catching over and over and over their open enders, flushes, you name it. This now for 4 freaking f*cking months on end.

Furthermore, no bluffs or steal attempts work out. Mostly coz villain catches some kind of weird non expected middle (2) pair by the river.

It is driving me ABOLUTELY NUTS. Absolutely NUTS. Am I put on some kind os 'lose list'??? I have nevert experienced this in my 15 years of live play.

To be honest, and go ahead to call me a whining baby, but as I am writing, a tear just fell on the broken keyboard. I am a very passionate player and until 4 months ago everything was fine. Now this, this, makes me just want to stop. Or believe that this 'doom switch' thing actually really does exist...??

Anyone having any tips or having experienced such a brutal downswing? And if so, what did you do? How did you manage? Did you keep your trust in your poker room? Did you play through it or called it the quits for a couple of weeks or even months...?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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lazyfish    10

Well the jury is still out with me as to can we trust these off shore sites? I have no real way of knowing either way. I recently posted about a nobody who won a seat in the ACR steps turney to the million dollar turney and went on to cash for 6k. I have been playing OLP on a regular basis since like 2005 I won a mtt on Pstars 7-09 11.00 dollar turney 1403 players, took 1st for 2303.00 and I have many other turney wins and at least been on over 100 final tables, but as I mostly play in micros I have never really seen any big rewards for me. I have seen every kind of insane bad beat a person can imagine, I would recommend you back off aggressive play and try a more passive approach and just let them bandits bet, that seems to turn the swing for me. Also try to play a wider variety of cards as opposed to just premium hands, instead of raising in early position with a monster hand just limp this way you can see a flop at a much lower price. You just need to mix up your game more. GL

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lazyfish    10

One other thing per bad beats, I was playing in a live omaha h/l game at a casino on new years eve and I had QQA2 the flop came out 3,4,Q the low ended up hitting but I still got quartered in that hand. Put simply poker in all forms can be HELL or pure heaven when your running good, its just poker.

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knocker    10

Pokerstars? I know from experience because it has happened to me many times. If they ever catch you climbing the stakes ladder chasing losses, the losses will never stop. Online poker is not a ratty old deck of paper cards. It's a computer, a very powerful one, that crooks can use to screw with the stock market, raise the price of corn and soy beans in Chicago or screw you into making another $1000 deposit at their poker site. Lets not kid ourselves, some scumbag poker site based in Costa Rica or the Isle of Man is not there because they're on the up and up. They're people every bit as degenerate and seedy as degenerate gamblers. So don't even try to hand me that, "Pokerstars would never do that," garbage. Every time you bust out they have another chance to get you to buy back in and go through another series of rakes that makes them money. That's how they make money. They make money when you lose, not when you win. And if you prove to them you'll be happy to keep losing even bigger each successive time, they'll just keep doing it to you.

When you lose, to avoid being tagged as on tilt and chasing by the computer, you walk away for awhile and when you come back you go down buy-in levels and not up. If that's what you did, walk away and come back in a week. The computer will reset you and you'll be fine again.

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