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Dealing/Shuffling in a home game

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Cabo    0

I played in a new home game the other night. They shuffled and dealt in a way I have never seen before: 2 decks and the guy who deals next shuffles the cards and then deals (they did have the guy that just dealt cut.) I told the guy I had never seen it done like that before and he said he'd never seen any other way. I told him I thought the guy behind (to the dealer's right) should shuffle, then the guy that just dealt should cut and pass the deck to his left for the next guy to deal). He said it didn't matter because the cards got cut. (I really wasn't worried about these guys cheating but thought it was odd) Thoughts?

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I've played in games that they do both ways you mentioned...I guess it depends which way people are used to doing it, as long as its getting shuffled and cut I don't really care which way

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knocker    10

We don't even cut in the regular game I play in.  You can ask for it but nobody does.  If you don't trust the guys shuffling and dealing the cards you shouldn't be playing with them.  That's the way I see it.

Those guys are pretty chill but I bet if anybody got caught doing anything there'd be trouble and teeth on the floor.    

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