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$162 Sunday Big Hand I was in

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BuscemiS19    10

Interesting hand I was in on Sunday.

Sunday $162 Buy in $40,000 PrizePool Middle game

Blinds 400/800 80 ante - Average Stack 22k - 8 People at the hand


UTG (26,000)

Min raises to 1600

Hero(25,000) Calls 800 (Qh,6h) BIG BLIND

I understand I could simply fold here, but then what would we talk about?

Pot: 4,200

FLOP: 4h 7s 5d

Hero Checks

Villian (24,300) Continue bets 1,600

Hero (24,200) Calls 1600

4h 7s 5d TURN 5c

Hero((22,700) Bets 3,370 inoto 7,500

Villian (23,700) Calls 3,370

4h 7s 5d TURN 5c RIVER 8s

POT SIZE 14,000

Hero (19,330) (qh,6h) Bets 9,000 into 14,000 (Pot 23,000)

Villian (20,330) Pushes all in

Hero Tanks... and....? What would you do? What do you think the Villian has?

I'll put the answer further down.

This is one of those hands where I feel like I can analyze what the player has, but feel too "attached" To the pot.

This is my personal way of breaking the hand down. Im not perfect, and I am still learning.

Villian UTG raise. I put his range on 22+ KQs+ So any pairs and High cards.

Villian Continue betting 4 5 7 board doesn't change much for me. Range is still 22+ KQs+

I decide to Bet the turn for a few reasons 4h 7s 5d 5c= I feel like this flop smashes the Big blind more than Under the guns range.

As the big blind I am going to be defending with many low cards, 46, 56, 57, a7,etc. I also want to kick out his AKs, KQs, and High cards that miss.

To my surprise, he simply calls. When he calls, I am throwing out almost all High card hands that missed. So going to the river I have him on 22+ Possibly AK AQ getting stubborn.

The river is gin 4 7 5 5 8 My Q6 Hits the straight. I tell myself there's 14kish in the pot, and I want to get value vs hands like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, A7s, etc. I feel if I check, he's checking all these pairs.

I bet roughly 2/3 pots, a little higher than I usually would, but I want to put pressure on his Big pairs.

Again, to my surprise he pushes all in. At this point I tell myself I am pot commited. It's roughly a 50k

pot and I only have 8-10k left. I feel any over pair is simply calling here with the straight on the board.

So when I break down what hands he can have, all I see is 4s,5s,7s,8s,6s, A6 suited.

Attached to the pot, and seeing how much was in it.. I tanked and convinced myself that he had to make a mistake, or we would simply split. The fact is I just don't beat too many hands here, and I feel like this is never a bluff. Considering he can't even double my lead out bet on river.

So over pairs in my opinion shouldnt raise here. High cards are also out. 4s-8s A6suited. That was how I felt. I am happy with the read, but wonder if I can ever get to a point where I can fold there.

And if folding would ever be considered right.

Villian Ended up having Pocket 7s

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serna    10

I think when the big blind shoved he knew that he hasnt much fold equity because you get great pot odds and 5 is mostly in your range than his range and as you mentioned a lot of high pairs like aa, kk,.. would call in this situation insted of shoving becase straight and full house and trips are possible and because utg opened he doesnt have a lot of 6 or 5 in his range so the only hands make sense are 44,55,77 and just think which hands he would turn into bluff there isnt any miss flush draw or something like that so you could fold on the river unless your opponent is really crazy and overplay his hig pairs but i think your lead on the turn and river was great


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cage    10

paired board on turn kind of makes this less straightforard, don't mind just checking back turn to pot control, yes you get there on river but as played you are fully commited, don't mind taking a more passive approach on paired boards esp oop. hand format a bit unusual and a little confusing.

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betting 9k on river was not optimal, I prob check back turn for pot control, and would take a passive approach on river with a paired board check / calling river rather than getting it in with a straight on a paired board.

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Clarkson7    0

you guys realise he (OP that is) has led turn, right? and even if we're checked to, you want to check-back turn with Q6 high for...pot control? we have no showdown value whatsoever and this is a good board to start semi bluffing on vs all of villain's bet once/give ups Ax/KQ etc. like turn lead, like river bet. getting shoved on sucks but we're gonna chop with A6s/66 a decent amount, even if villain never bluffing, or value betting worse than a straight. 

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turbulence    12

Like you rightly pointed out the flop smashes your range much harder than his, and hits your actual hand very well. For these reasons I think your should seriously be considering a c/r on the flop, and not just a click back but using a much more committing size I.e. 4x his bet. With the stack sizes I'd be prepared to go with it if the c/r gets jammed on. 

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