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acr quit taking my visa.

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I'm frustrated because I know little to nothing about bitcoin. Acr now requires me to use bitcoin after shutting down Visa deposits. Would anyone please P2P me a bill and I'll gladly repay them immediately through paypal? I'd really appreciate it a lot.

Oh and I'm on BCP through ACR. I think you have to be a BCP customer for this to work.

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jordanfrog    3

you don't need to know too much for bitcoin, it is relatively easy if you are just using it to make deposits. Coinbase is the easiest "wallet" to use. Download the app or go to their website, set up the account and link it to a debit card (I think wells fargo works best).

There are also physical bitcoin aims that can be used. If you are asking for P2P, you should say in your message you would send PayPal first, no one is going to send you money first that wouldn't make any sense.

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Guest forgetparry   

Guest forgetparry


“I’ll gladly repay them immediately”

Who in their right mind would send money first

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