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To barrel or not to barrel with OESD in a 3bet pot


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Hand Information

, 160 BB (8 handed).

Hand History converter courtesy of pokerhandreplays.com

Table Information

Seat: 1 player1 ($9285) Small Blind

Seat: 2 Hero ($9760) Big Blind

Seat: 3 player3 ($6260)

Seat: 4 player4 ($20688)

Seat: 5 player5 ($12860)

Seat: 6 player6 ($21030)

Seat: 8 player8 ($16566)

Seat: 9 player9 ($33775) Dealer

Dealt to Hero


Preflop (Pot:240)





player8****RAISE $320



Hero****RAISE $1125

player8****CALL $805

Flop(Pot: $2490)


Hero****BET $1150

player8****CALL $1150

Turn(Pot: $4790)




sidenote there is a 20 ante in play here


Villains prob winning and slightly calls too wide preflop.


Flop seemed close to not being a cbet anyhow, thoughts?

As far as the turn goes, should i take my bluffs from my FDs?

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saukendar    0

Bet 1/3 pot.

You are in the lead and you really want to keep that lead or just win right here.

Even if there is now a back-door flush you are open-ended with 2 overs, so you are in good shape in terms of pot odds vs. everything but JT or a Jx flush draw if he calls again to a 1/3 pot bet. You'll have nice just under pot bet back for the river in the case of a call.

If he ships you'll be getting just a bit over 2:1 so you'll have a reasonable call for 15 outs (a very probable expectation) unless you have solid rock read on the villian or think he as few/none draws in his shipping range.

If he folds that's also a happy outcome as you are playing A-high :)

my 2 cents

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