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Top 15 winningest hands on Pokerstars MTT tables.

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knocker    10

You'll be surprised what they are and how they rank. And it will become clear to you why you get busted out with such supposedly great hands. These are the results of over 2000 winning hands that won at showdown over the past few weeks. They probably represent 6000 hands of poker. I made no distinction between suited or non-suited cards when I collected the data. The next time I do it I will. When I have it ready I'll let you guys know.

1 A/K by a huge margin

2 A/Q

3 A/J

4 A/A

5 K/J and A/10 tied

6 Q/Q

7 K/K

8 K/Q

9 Q/J

10 J/J and 10/10 tie

11 9/9

12 Q/10

13 J/10

14 Q/J

15 8/8

Yes you read that right, pocket queens win more than pocket Kings, quite a bit more. They win near 25% more often. I made a chart representing all hands laid out in a standard grid, but the forum for whatever reason won't let me post the link. It lists the card combination and how many times it won at showdown in 2000 hands. You can use it to help you make decisions as you play. If you want the full list you'll have to send me a personal message requesting it. You'll be shocked how bad some good hands play and how good some bad hands play.

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knocker    10

Without regard to suited/unsuited hands, here's how they rank in standard charts.

1 A/A

2 K/K

3 Q/Q

4 J/J

5 10/10

6 A/K

7 9/9

8 A/Q

10 8/8

11 A/J

12 K/Q

13 7/7

14 A/10

15 K/J

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sample size is way too small to have any significance.

Also, 2,000 hands won at showdown(?) of ~6,000 hands played.  Even if this was HU it'd be an amazing feat (do 1/3 of hand go to showdown?).  I don't even play 1/3 of hands dealt never mind winning them.

Hands winning vs. hands losing is subject to how it's been played. (hero could hero call... or nit-fold, etc. etc. etc.).  If it were hands that were allin preflop... & the comparison shown there I guess it might be more significant data.

Maybe something like 'biggest pots' won... & the hands that are doing this for us??

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