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lauwarm    0

Hell guys,

I was just wondering, if u guys could tell me how many tourneys you play simultaneously?

And do you stick to one Blind Speed or do you mix normal and turbos ? ( for example 3 normal and 1 turbo)

I would consider myself a beginner and Im playing only 2. I feel I still get a little overwhelmed with 4 sometimes, (pot odds, doing the maths everywhere,..) 

Sorry for the GENERAL question but I just want to get some different opinions and input from you guys.

Thanks in advance,




P.S: Won my first Big at Stars today, so I guess thats a  plus ;)

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killingbird    19

I play a mix of different MTTs (turbos, regular speed, Sattys, etc). Generally I play somehwere in the neighborhood of 4-8 but will sometimes (usually when not streaming) venture up in to the 10-14 range. That's pretty rare these days though.

Congrats on the win!

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turbulence    12

You will be able to add more tables as you get more experience and more comfortable with your decision making. The more scenarios you can get comfortable with during your studying the easier and quicker you will become at decision making in game. 


The only way to know for sure is to experiment, if you feel you have the capacity add one more table and see how it goes. If you're struggling then cut back by one or two. There is no hard and fast rules, but a rule of thumb is:- if you are getting bored between hands (or playing too many hands) add one table; if you are struggling with making good decisions or getting overwhelmed reduce the number of tables. 


I personally am confortable at 6 tables for a typical session. Towards the end of the session I stop adding new tables and just let the number dwindle down. This then allows me to focus on any deep runs I have. If I'm tired, or find myself playing sub-optimal I reduce my tables down to 4 for the rest of the session. Conversly, if I'm on top of everything and feeling great (and there are enough good MTTs running) I will go up to 8-10 tables but will allow this to drift back to 6 tables or less later in the session. 


Don't add tables for the sake or it, because you think it is what you have to do to make volume. As a novice or inexperienced player you need to focus on quality not quantity. 

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knocker    10

Winning a Big is no small feat.  Good job.  Don't change anything while you're winning.  You're doing something right, don't change what works. 

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