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low-mid stakes SNG grinders out THERE??!!


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Hey guys long time reader first time writer lol i had an idea a few months ago to set a side a separate BR just to grind out mostly 11$ SNG my initial thought was to try to profit 10 units or 100$ min. on an average daily balance.. my questions to you folks if you would be so kind to lend it would be 2 fold 1. how many tables do you normally run at a time (assuming BR is where it should be) and 2. what are your honest thoughts for this EV both short and long term.. TIA


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This is just for 6 max as you didn't mention what type of SNG specifically..

A decent reg has an ITM of 30-40 % in 6 max..


Taking the upper bound (40%), and assuming you cash 2nd as much as 1st, you'd earn approx 2.75 buy ins 40% of the time.. 2.75*0.4 - 1* 0.6 = 1/2 a buy in every game..


This means you need to play 20 games to make $100 with these assumptions 


Lower bound: 2.75 * 0.3 -1*0.7 = 0.125 buy ins per game.. you need to play 80 games per day to reach $100 


Obvs these estimations change depending how how good you are at heads up..


I think this is a tedious way of making decent money, but having done it successfully myself and progressing to MTTs i think i gained vital experience and a solid edge on the last few players on a FT. 


However, the amount of tables you can have at once might be limited.. 4-6 is ideal to start with but I don't think this is possible for one buy in level. Hope this helps 

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