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From CO I raise 2X, only Button Call having 14BB and I had 24BB, Flop 6d 9s 5h, I shove and quick call by him with 9h 9d, I Had Qc Qh, so this I Lost my 14BB at bubble position. 

Honestly I put him on AK, AJ, AT, KT,A9, K9 range, that's why I shove on him. 

What should be the game play in this scenario? 

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This hand is 100% just a cooler. You can't fold an overpair to a 14bb stack, dont overthink it. And also, he will call with many worse hands than he had, so it was a good play. 

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OpusDog    10

Rough situation. Def a cooler. You mention bubble. Were you stone cold bubble? At this point, I would factor in all ICM considerations. If I check the flop, what does he do? Shove? If so, what is he shoving with? He's the shorter stack on bubble, so it's his life at stake. Is he really shoving for life on overcard draws?? Maybe, maybe not.


I would also think about the importance of the cash. Did I satty in to a bigger tournament and the min cash is significant? I've been there and I've actually folded JJ and QQ to a 3 bet in that case. This is a bit nitty, but I'm here to make money - period. But more often then not, it's a tourney that is my normal buy-in and I am all about "final table or bust". Min cash means little to nothing.


This is 100% my opinion. Others will have different thoughts and philosophies. But this is working for me. Good luck!

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bartonjoel    0

My standard open would be a little bigger around bubble (depending on BB stack and 3b%). Put pressure on short stacks. His 99 flat on button is odd (assuming he is folding if one of the blinds shoves, but allows the blinds to see flops profitably against 99. I think a player flatting here is still flatting to 3x, so nothing changes. 


1. I dont think you can bet small and fold as you will have a STP ratio under 1.

2. checking allows him to check behind with Ax, and one pair hands, 

3. check / folding seems to weak. 

4. shoving is only targeting TT and JJ and A9s, but will deny equity to overs. I dont see AK in his range, unless stone cold bubble and his is super tight, so denying equity to the few Ax hands he has here doesn't really matter. 


 I think if he was biggest stack left to act PF, I just profitably shove a 14bb range rather than having an open range from CO and Button to apply maximum pressure. If one of the blinds is a bigger stack i go to a 2.2 - 2.8x with big hands some i intend to call off and some I intend to fold to 3b from bigger stacks. 


No matter how you played this one, someone that flats button with 99 here will only be set mining with incorrect odds and he got lucky that you had an overpair the time he hit his set.


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