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Stars is an Absolute Joke

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fk_stars    0

Tried playing Pokerstars as i cannot play live from where i live (Japan). I try to play SnG $1.50 turbo and some cases $3.50. The calls i recieve are an absolute joke in fact beyond belief!

Each time I ship with a pair or something semi decent because I know I will get called with air!


To each of my surprise! (not) air seems to win! calls such as 99 (me) vs 10 7 diamond and they get there on the river with a flush draw. Or the best one J2 vs 77. Like come on! There are plenty of bingo sites for f*** sakes! go gamble there!


To my biggest surprise, the players I tend to lose to are from Russia! (seems like that site is only full of them)

Is it me, or has since the rise of online poker, the current theme of play is any two cards.

(before anyone trolls saying you're game is showing, 80% of the time I am ahead pre and on the flop)

I must have lost a least 100 bucks in the last couple of weeks on this joke of a site!


It seems online has become a joke! And the only way to play this great game is live!

FFS come on!

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knocker    10

I'll give you one piece of advice, that I had to learn myself the hard way, over many many bad stretches.  When you find yourself losing you have to walk away for awhile.  At least a day.  One of the worst things you can do there is start chasing ever higher stakes to make up for your losses.  Pokerstars detects that pattern.  Once you prove you are willing to dump any amount of money to get a win, you will do nothing but lose, just like you did there.  You can't ever let Pokerstars know  that you will do that.


When you lose, go down a level, or stay the same, never chase up.  You chase up, you will continue to get coolered for just as long as you are willing to deposit more money.  This is not me talking out of my ass.  I've played there 10 years, I've seen it all 20 times over.  I've got a Wr2 freeroll ticket from 2009 sitting in my account that never expired, and is still there to prove it.  I'd recommend you don't play there at all.  The only reason I do is because over that long period of time, I've learned a few things like that, and a few more, that help me increase my chances of winning on their crooked site.


Pokerstars is a computer, not a deck of paper cards.  They can set that computer up to do anything, and they do.  They set it up to bust you and everyone else there so they can get you into another game and take another rake just as quickly as possible.  That's how they make money.  Understand that, and you'll understand what's going on.  Just walk away and don't go back, that's my advice.   As for where to go instead?  I don't know.  I suspect they're all crooked to one degree or another.  Anybody who wants to tell me otherwise and claim they're all on the up and up legit...  I've got three words for you... Full... Tilt... Poker.   I rest my case.              

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