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Two from the money....interesting spot


XxCrushxX    0

Seat 1: Margarete (128,647)
Seat 2: ImmortalKing (16,727)
Seat 3: NNL (125,647)
Seat 6: milkeyshakey (23,851)
Seat 7: SperoMeliora (65,477)
Seat 8: Make It Right (28,961)
Seat 9: TheN00N (33,324)
Button is seat 8
TheN00N: antes 200
Margarete: antes 200
ImmortalKing: antes 200
NNL: antes 200
milkeyshakey: antes 200
SperoMeliora: antes 200
Make It Right: antes 200
TheN00N: posts small blind 800
Margarete: posts big blind 1,600
*** HOLE CARDS ***
TheN00N: dealt [Th Jh]
ImmortalKing: folds
NNL: raises 3,600
milkeyshakey: folds
SperoMeliora: folds
Make It Right: folds
TheN00N: calls 2,800
Margarete: calls 2,000
*** FLOP *** [Ts 2c Kd]
TheN00N: checks
Margarete: checks
NNL: checks
*** TURN *** [Ts 2c Kd] [7d]
TheN00N: checks
Margarete: checks
NNL: bets 8,600
TheN00N: calls 8,600
Margarete: folds
*** RIVER *** [Ts 2c Kd] [7d] [5d]
TheN00N: bets 1,600
NNL: raises all-in 113,247

Thoughts on the line? Fold or Call?

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knocker    10

I've stuck it to small stacks with air at the bubble knowing they probably don't want to call their stack off so close to the money.  People are always afraid of the big stack at the table.   He got there because he's been getting the cards and he's running good.  That's obvious and he knows it.   And if he's smart he uses that to his advantage.   It usually works.   But I don't think that happened here because the other big stack that had him covered was in that hand too.   He doesn't want to get bubbled either.  The trouble began there when the Tens didn't bet second pair on the flop.   Even a small bet probably would have sent everyone packing.   Those two don't want to get involved with each other with air.  Nobody seemed to have the King.   They would have got out. 


The diamond flush draw then triggers action.   Bluffs usually start on the flop.  I'm the preflop raiser, I'm going to try to rep that king, or lets throw something in there to see what everybody's got. Probably nothing.  Bluffs that start on 4th street tend not to be bluffs most of the time.  And when 5th street tells the rest of the story, you better be careful.  You don't raise preflop with 10/7 or 7/2 from the three hole so you know it wasn't two pair.   His 2/3 pot sized bet looks like he was hoping nobody would call, but if they did he still had the flush draw.  It certainly wasn't a little 1/3, hey you checkers who have no cards, come with me I made it cheap for you, bet. 


Everything seemed to point to him having it.  I bet it was A/Q suited in diamonds.  I bet he had the gut straight draw too.  I think you have to give him credit there and muck the tens.   If he'd have come back at you after betting the tens on the flop, you would have to muck.   You certainly don't call that river shove.             

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FlopDeck    10

Completing from SB seems okay with JTs. Checking flop to assess action also seems fine. Turn is an interesting card as it brings draws but shouldn't be too good for either range outside a set of 7's or said FD. I'd probably fold to this large turn bet tbh. As played check-fold River seems the play as we don't beat a lot and leading for min suggests we have little to no value at all. It's not big enough to be a blocker bet and villain can jam a number of hands here and put pressure on us. For value AK with a diamond, set of K's or 7's and backdoor flushes could all take this line imo. Bluffs maybe good blocker hands like AJ with nut diamond, QJ with a diamond or some pairs QQ / 99 perhaps, with a diamond. Sneaky play may have been to check-raise turn but not too sure about that play tbh. Or a 3b preflop but maybe we aren't deep enough for that either. 


I'd fold to the river jam for sure and perhaps even check-fold the turn. Either way not calling it off against most villains and I don't like the min-donk on the river. It reps nothing, gets nothing to fold and basically opens us up for for a bluff jam that we have a hard time calling. If you felt you had the best of it then check-call or lead an actual amount that makes sense. 

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RyJS    6

Hand plays fine until river. If you’re check/folding the turn you’re playing entirely too tight. He should be delayed c betting his AJ/AQ type hands especially when he has the Ad blocker after checking back the flop. Realistically any Ax hand with the Ad should be betting this turn to bluff all diamond rivers. Also totally reasonable for them to bet the turn with 99/88/77/66 once it gets checked fully through a second time on the turn to the OR. 77 obviously would’ve hit a set and would try to extract value and the other PP’s I mentioned would bet here to get value from draws and be able to check behind rivers on any scare cards etc.


The donk lead on river is just pointless. You put yourself in a position where calling off your stack isnt great unless you had a read that this person is going to jam over donk bets with air and you did this with the intention to get them to yick it all in your face while you snap make the hero call. It’s a great jam by them, your donk bet is weak, and their shove is polarized between turning small pairs into bluffs or shoving with the Ad blocker knowing you can’t have the nuts, and him just shoving the nuts.


He has more bluff combos than nut combos that he’d shove here. I’m fine with snapping it off the way played, we just put ourselves into a situation we absolutely didn’t need to and we had no plan. If you did this with the intent of getting someone to spew, then I don’t mind it as much, but if you’re posting this here you didn’t have a plan going in other than “let me take my value/bluff catching hand and try to make a shitty blocking bet and hope the big stack just clicks the call button like an idiot.” And that’s not a good plan. Next time just check/call the river with your bluff catcher when he bets out 1/3rd pot on the river instead of jamming and watch him turn over Ad high and high five your monitor. 

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