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Good or bad fold?


Raider12    0

Looking to improve my decision making at the tables. The situation was 

Me- 2utg 10-7o

5 in for bb pre flop

Flop- Ad-Js-8D 

Check all around 


Checks to button (nit player) button bets 10 2 callers and I call. $38 in pot 


Checks to button button bets $17

Player in front of me folds I think about it and fold. Player. Behind calls

Button turns over A-J

Good fold or not?

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knocker    10

Was he laying traps all night?  Or just that one time?  if you know he's a trapper, you for sure don't call.  Against 4 other players you have to assume somebody hit that flop.  K8J, somebody has one of those.  8 cards are laying on the table, it's near 8 in 13 that somebody has a king.    Somebody has the king.  If not somebody has the Jack, if not somebody has the 8.  It's all but guaranteed that you're behind.      10/7O you have an 18% chance of winning against 4 other random hands.   It was even lower than that after the flop hit.    


My personal rule is that bluffs do not start on 4th street.  Case in point, nobody tried to represent the flush there.   You never know when you're betting into a real flush.  Pros might have done it.  But no regular guy at the $2 table.  He either already had the goods all along or just caught something.   3rd diamond was not good for anybody and when nobody raised, he probably figured he was still good.   And all you really had was the gut straight draw.   The 7 wasn't going to cut it.    PP of 8's, J's or K's probably checks the flop 90% 0f the time.    Two pair on that rainbow flop probably the same.  Only a single J or K bets.  Almost everything checks that flop.   So the check around didn't tell you anything like you wee ahead.    No diamond on the river meant he was good to go.   It might have been barely worth the call on the turn with the chance to improve to the straight. 2 pair or trip 7's, but when you didn't catch that gutter, you were wise to muck.   You probably should have mucked on the turn.  Up and down straight might have been different, maybe you stay in for that.  


There was just too many good possibilities out there and you didn't have enough to beat any of them.   What could you beat there?  Only the river 3 and a bluff, and all indications were it wasn't a bluff and the river changed nothing.   

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Raider12    0

Thanks for the advice. Everything you say makes sense. It's easy to say you made a bad fold when you ended up folding the loser on the river but I agreed that in the long run I will be beat more than not on that hand

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