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I just played spin&go max for the first time


knocker    10

I think I played about 10 $1 games.  I won two and took second in a third.  One was for $6.50.  That was the biggest prize i saw and I actually picked it.  One of the wins came during the all in segment.  I was down about 3 to 1 in chips and won three out of four or something.  So I didn't even really win that one legit.  I got lucky.  Anyway, I get the feeling you need mad crazy preflop aggression to win those.  No min raises.  You either muck or raise or re-raise 5 or 10 times the BB with quality hands.  You want to be taking large pots before the cards ever hit the table preferably.   And if you hit a flop, you slam it hard.    


Maybe I'm wrong about that but that seems like the deal to me.  Anybody play it?  Is there a way to win, or is it just a bingo game essentially?  Part of me believes that might be the case too.       

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vandenboss    12

Look at it this way, most of the time  you pay $1 to win $2 against 2 players, thats a shitty investment.  The other $1 is saved for 4x or bigger pots.you need luck to get in enough 4x + pots to make it profitable. Remember, we are in war with luck ! Also the 10k price draws money away with a too little chance ever playing for that price

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