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5 Card Omaha Hi-Low Calculation Question(s)


themrc    0



First, I apologize if this question has already been asked. Is there a good equity calculator for 5card Omaha Hi and Hi-Low?


It has been years since I used the forum and there was an interesting hand that arose. Need a math guy to calculate the equities for the 2 hands after the turn action.  Will ship $5 via Venmo for the effort if the result is as expected. Please show the math. Here is the hand...


Game: 5 Card Omaha Hi-Low


Hand 1:



Hand 2:




Flop: Kc8h5d

Turn: Kh


So, hand 1 has overpair (Aces), nut flush draw (minus hand 2 boat outs) and nut low draw with 1 card to come. Hand 2 currently has trips on turn with no low draw possible.


Look forward to seeing the result and associated math after the turn.


Much appreciated

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turbulence    12

Posted (edited)

The thing a lot of people forget / don't realise / dont understand with Hi-Lo is that the only way to win 100% of the pot is with a high hand, if you have no high hand and are only drawing to a low hand then you can only win max 50% of the pot. Which makes precise calculation of these spots quite complicated. 

Hand 1 can only win the high pot by hitting Heart or and Ace, but 3 (not 2) hearts make hand 2 a boat, so (9-3)+2=8 outs for the high hand, with 1 card to come ~ 16% chance to win a max 100% of the final pot

Hand 1 Low - to win the low pot has any 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, or A = 4+4+3+4+4+2 = 21 outs ~ 42% chance to win max 50% of the final pot ~ 21% equity

Total equity on the turn would be roughly 16%+21%= 37% equity (which is just enough to call a pot sized bet on the turn).




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