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Going all in with big draws....?


savvy    1

Wondering everyones take on going all in with big draws? I bricked about 5 moves like this yesterday in MOSS and 

wondering peoples opinions on this. Is this a bad idea , situation dependent, etc?


Im talking about spots where you have 1-2 overcards and a flush draw, or a pair and open ender etc when youre not too sure where your opponent is at?


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knocker    10

It's all about value, pot odds.   But it's hard to figure them sometimes when you have no clue what the other guy is holding.    That's when the nature of the flop texture is important.  Are there possible draws on that board you don't have a piece of.  Are the cards generally in his range?   Is there a pair that signals trip and full house possibilities?  Is the other guy's betting a signal that he's thinks or knows he's ahead?   The more of that kind of thing you see, the lower your pot odds are going to be.  


If you get the impression that the board is stacked up in his favor, and that's what he's telling you with his betting, you don't shove any time.  When a guy tells you this board is good for me and it looks the same to you, play cautious.  You only go crazy it if the board says everything looks good for you, and he seems to believe it so too.    

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