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Pokerstars is not rigged

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knocker    10

In the past 2 days I have had pocket kings 4 or 5 times.  Twice I was up against pocket aces and lost both times.  Here are the odds of an AA Vs. KK showdown at a Texas Hold Em' Poker table  


# of Players   Once in every ______ hands

2                                    45,000

3                                    15,000

4                                    11250

5                                    9000

6                                    7500

7                                    6429

8                                    5625

9                                    5000


You guys who play at PokerStars know, you all know this, you have all seen it.  AA vs. KK will happen multiple times over the space of one single MTT that lasts 250 hands.  You've all seen it, so have I.  Every day. 


The odds of being dealt pocket kings is 221 to 1.  That means I played roughly 1000 hands and of course, I'm the unluckiest motherfucker on the face of the earth to have it happen twice in 1000 hands.  I should have bought a lottery ticket for the daily three.  That's one in a thousand.   I would have won it both days with enough lady luck to spare to win it 8 more days in a row.    Think that's possible?     And you guys who play there all know it isn't one in 5000.  It's one in 500, if it's that high.  If it was one in 5000, you should probably see it happen once a week, if you play a lot of poker.  But it's not.  It's every day, several times a day.  


Bad beats, that's what PokerStars is set up to do.   They took a nice fat rake off me both times.  The rake, It's all about the fucking rake.  









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turbulence    12

Please stop posting your misguided garbage. 

If you hate playing on Stars so much - stop playing there! Or better still, stop playing - at least until you resolve your mental conflict about the game. 

It's impossible to provide you with useful advice at the moment because your thought process is soooooo far off piste. 

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knocker    10

I just hit three in a row.    Had it one more time in between but everybody mucked to my raise.    So call it three out of four.  Three out of fucking four.  No pokerstars isn't rigged.   No way. 

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