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FT Hand Help $1k Gtd $5 r/a


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Unfortunately BetOnline does not have a way to export hand history so please bare with me...We have only had a couple of hands at the FT and I have no real information on the Villain as they were on the other table prior to merging.

8 of 9 remaining $400 1st - $52 8th


5,000/10,000   1,000 antes

Beginning of hand stack sizes:

77,432 - Small Blind



489,217 Hero



357,501 Villain

448,277 Button


Hero opens to 25,000. Villain raises to 77,000 Hero flat calls.

177,000 in the pot. Flop is Ac 2h 5h

Hero Checks. Villain bets 55,000 Hero flat calls

Turn 3d

Hero bets 143,500. Villain raises all in. Hero Calls

Villain has 10-4 suited diamonds

River 7c


I guess I should have check shoved the flop?


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