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Should we always keep our emotions in check?


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turbulence    10

When you lose emotional control you are no longer making logical decisions. If you you let what happens on one table (if multi-tabling) effect you, it's going to impact on how you make decisions on your other tables. Making emotional decisions, or going on tilt, can be very costly and amplify any downturn you might have. Trust me I know! 


Bad beats are annoying, but at the end of the day they are part of the game, always have been and always will be, and they are what keep the fish fed and coming back. Variance is not linear or predictable, and will often come in batches i'e. a run of loses when your +80% favourite, then out of the blue it'll stabalise and head your way for a bit and poker seems easy and fun again lol.  


However, I have managed to tackle this and this year my results are much more consistent, because even when I'm having a bad session and things just aren't going my way, I still manage to scrape some results / cashes that previously I might not have. So although it might have been a losing session or week, it wasn't as losing. Plus, I'm able to take advantage if things turn around in even just one MTT starts going my way. In fact, some of my best results this year have come out of nowhere when I've been have a particularly bad session, but because I hadn't lost my shit I was able to capitalise on it.  


What has helped me:-

1. much more conservative BR management

2. Mindfulness meditation before a session (10-15mins usually), this has had a massive impact, really helps get rid of any pent up stress ect from everyday life not just poker, so you have a clear and relaxed head when you start playing. 

3. Not just chasing the 'big' wins, but playing a lot of smaller less significant mtt's as well. Getting to FT's more often is good for the confidence and experience, and keeps the BR topped up between bigger scores, which takes the pressure off. 

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