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NJSCOOP Competition - May 4th - 20th 2019

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Hey Guys,


It's been a while since we did an NJ competition. Putting together an interest list/competition for the upcoming NJSCOOP!!!! Here's the basic format:


  • Competition is open to anyone with a P5's profile but the PokerStarsNJ p5's name MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR PROFILE TO ENTER!
    • Players that don't currently have a P5's profile are eligible as long as they create one and link their name for the duration of the contest
    • Feel free to share competition link with anyone you think might be interested!
  • $200 Per Person
    • I will hold the $ to keep things simple
    • $200 must be paid by May 2nd (before the draft, or you will not be eligible)
    • Team with the highest total points will be the winners and all receive an even split of the prizepool
  • Competition will include all events (High & Low) from the upcoming NJSCOOP series (May 4 - May 20th)
    • There are 41 Events for each High & Low (82 Total)
  • Preferably teams of 4-5 depending on number of entries
    • CAP will be based on even teams and available # of captains
  • We'll have captains and will stream the draft (auction draft)
    • If interested please also indicate if you'd be interested in being a captain and/or hosting the draft
    • Looking to run the draft either Thursday May 2nd or Friday May 3rd
  • Entrants please give a rough idea of how much of the series you'll be playing so the captains can pick appropriately
  • Scoring:
    • This competition is based upon p5's points not $
    • Max # of scores TBD (+/- 40 to 50 per team depending on final # entries and team sizes)
  • Tracking: 
    • I have reached out to Dennis (DLO) to hopefully help us set up a cool competition page like in the past;
    • If they can't make one I'll put together a Google Spreadsheet and track everything.


Please let me know if I'm missing anything!



INTEREST LIST (as of 4/26):

  1. centrfieldr
  2. donnysack 
  3. ForTheThr1ll
  4. bexel
  5. Rosseg
  6. hagz2richez
  7. jlaw
  8. Joe Capp
  9. loxonbagel
  10. D.Drumpf
  11. jordanofpkr
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i"m in and will play almost every event. wont play high roller unless i satty in. unless gags streams it like he always does. i would love to host it on my twitch channel. if you choose me please let me know asap so i can work on drops and graphics for it. also ill be streaming my play the whole series. i will also stream each final table wether im on it or not with some commentary. twitch.com/betsweatlive Lets go!! thanks for doing this dan

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We're up to 26 players at the moment. Was hoping to update this weekend, but got a little busy. We have some strong initial interest, we'll leave interest/registration open until Thursday. We're still on the lookout for some more captains, and I'll confirm with Jesse that he can stream the draft. He's also volunteered to stream the FT's... my man!

Some people have paid already, thank you! I'll send info to my PayPal or Venmo in PM's or DM's or TM's or... you get the point. I'll be in touch shortly with those that don't have the info.


I'm gonna try to link the Interest / Paid List below as an image... if that doesn't work I'll type it up in here... sigh.






NSCOOP Interest List.jpg

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