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WPN Does Not Deal Random Cards

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I have been playing money poker for over 50 years. I ran a candle and lantern-lit game in Vietnam '68-'69, and a properly-lit game in my Atlanta home '70-'75. I've played live poker many times in casinos and card rooms in Vegas, Atlantic City, L.A., N.O.L.A., Gulfport, Biloxi, Tunica,  Jacksonville, Cherokee, and aboard Navigator of the Seas. I played in the $1500 PLO8 in the 2008 W.S.O.P. I know what I'm about to talk about. I generally played small to medium stakes tourneys online until Black Friday. I started playing on Americascardroom in 2013, and won a little the first few months, until I had a very unfortunate and undeserved legal problem, which adversely  affected both my poker luck and play, as well as my financial situation. I only played freerolls on ACR for 2 years, but finally ran my winnings there into enough to buy into small tourneys, but I noticed a few things that didn't seem right with the cards on ACR, specifically, the relatively high number of long-shot river suckouts, and the amazing number of times a 3 or 4-way all-in main pot would go to the hand that was furthest behind at turn-up. Another thing I noticed was that when I saw a tourney player hitting God-like cards, if I looked him up on Sharkscope, his graph would typically be at a bottom, indicating he had just made a deposit to buy into the current game. The combination of these improbable but regular occurrences led me to conclude that ACR was manipulating the cards in ways that both create addictive entertainment, and for the most part, negate skill. Deposits were being rewarded, much like one would train a dog. I created the "PennyTest" to confirm my theory.  Try it yourself on ACR Hold'Em: 2 bowls, 500 pennies, half in each bowl. 1 bowl is W2W wins, the other is Suckout. Every C2C all-in that you witness, no matter what street the cards turn up on,  move a penny from one bowl to the other, depending on what happens. If behind is  drawing dead at turn-up, do nothing. Ask any poker pro what should happen and he will tell you the suckout bowl should eventually empty into the W2W win bowl. That's not hat happens on ACR/Black Chip. The site is crooked to the core. I know of at least 2 times they delayed big tourneys for a week or so after players had made their deposits to enter, claiming a hack or some other BS. What do you suppose happens to that money? The players who put it on play rings and smaller tourneys while they wait, and ACR rakes it, then some of those players have to re-deposit to get into the big tourney. The recent "Bot Refund" was probably another scam. To my mind,  it makes sense to me that if any element is crooked, there are probably others that I don't have a way to test. The PLO8 tourneys have an amazing number of all-in chops when they get close to ITM. Real PLO8, not so much. It would not surprise me if WPN had their own bots and shills who get dealt better than average cards, and maybe help with the board. I assure you, they will never get a dime out of me, unless I win it and they steal it.

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