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Hey P5's Everybody,


My name is Erik Michael Richards. Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds of just rock solid nutrition. I am 27 years old, 

5/5/92. A Martial Artist, I meditate, eat rice & drink juice and water. I notice a direct correlation between these things and success

in the poker room. When your mind body and spirit are up, so are your projected winnings. I've had the most clear mind when I

was drinking at least one gallon of water per day with a few scoops of plant protein. Along while having at least a one hour sauna

session per day. Then there is the truth of karma. When my intentions are to be nice/enjoyful and as pleasant asnot only necessary

but possible, my joy reaches the skies. I have never played poker full time for more than a period of 4 months. I have played off and

on while maintaining real world work and school since 2012 as many I have known treat poker as being sinful. In 2017 during the 1st

4 months I worked at Dunkin Donuts along with playing on Carbon Poker, I averaged 500 a week on Carbonand successfully quit my job.

I knew I am the equivalent of a tree in a small pot on there, a giving tree:). Why ask for a backing buddy? Well one of the most important

parts of your body are your back muscles. How many of us have a strong back that sits up straight? Even better if you have a buddy to

encourage and remind you.


My first live games were out in Cali during the year of 2013. I entered a $75 dollar turbo at the ???????? casino near pechanga for 7 days,

cashing 5 of them and producing a few hundreds profit for only a couple hours of fun. Granted players there were completely "ew". On

my 21st birthday in West Virginia, was a tight player opting to take more safe routes. At the final table with 9 people top 8 pay, I shipped

Ace 3 offsuit from middle position. Everyone was trying to get a 9 way chop and pay out the 9th man. Which would have put me up couple

hundred bucks up. However I was staked by my friends and I felt like the ultimate soldier fighting to his dying breathe when only I refused

to chop with 3bb's left. Before I said no, they debated and debated while my turn so I let them talk. Nobody called the clock; then they finally

agreed and I told them it was my birthday so no surrender and ripped. Someone folded and showed Jacks to my 3bb rip. He must have had

at least 8bb's so I was super excited when it got through 6 people. During the final 3 I was back to 5 bb's and the and the other two gentlemen

had 15 & 30bb's. I call them gentlemen because 3rd was $1500 and they offered me $3000 which I gladly accepted. It seemed more like 1000

men surrendering to 10  Aside from a 500 ticket bubble where my 2 buddies and I got 4th, 5th AND 6th top 3 pay and a few live cash sessions.

I estimate I'm up $3000 live. Other websites I have played on and produced some cash with no records are acr(lets say $500)/Betonline up $200

Ignition back when it was the other site for few hundred. I hardly played on them, which was silly because their guarantees are so gorgeous 

especially america's cardroom. Oh and I'm up a couple thousand on Ultimate Bet from back in the day. Attached are a copy of my Carbon Poker

tournament statistics with the GTD/Placing from 2016-Today-ish. They refused to email me my 2019 tournament records which I've produced

another $3100. I have three professional references who are also friends and are all gods on the felt (Mr Merow/Ian Burr), (Leishang/Andrew

Goldman Sacchs Gonder), (Mamabear/Barret know-how Noble). These men have definitely produced a few hundred thousand, but I would

put them over a million. They will all speak highly of me as a professional player & as a person. Contact me and I'll put you in contact with them. 


Currently I am living in Thailand until 7/23, where I can play additionally on 888 and pokerstars. 


I am the Egyptian Prince of Poker, I can part the ocean and take wish at gods will! 






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